Should You Leave Plantation Shutters in South Side When Selling Your Home?

You’ve sold your home. It’s getting closer to the move-out date, and that means you’re doing a lot of packing. Something you will be looking at is all the items you’re taking and leaving when you do move. The plantation shutters in South Side will be on a list, but which one?

 Do you need to leave your window treatments? Will your buyers expect you to take them with you? Here’s a look at the factors when it comes to the sale.

 Always Pay Attention to the Contract 

In the majority of cases, the plantation shutters in South Side will remain.When selling a home, anything fixed to the house tends to stay behind, which includes plantation shutters. In fact, many window treatments will stay behind.

 In fact, you likely bought plantation shutters knowing that they would likely remain in the home when you sell. One of the big selling points is that they add value to your home. Buyers love that they don’t have to buy.

 Yet, just because there’s the “norm” doesn’t mean your situation is the same. You’ll need to pay attention to the contract that you’ve signed with your buyers. Are they expecting you to take the window coverings because they have their own? If you’re unsure, talk to your solicitor about this. 

Knowing ahead of time is important. If you leave when you shouldn’t or take when you should have left, you could end up with a financial headache on your hands. 

Discuss With Your Buyers

 Before it comes to the closing of the sale, this is something you and the buyers should discuss. In some cases, you may want to take your plantation shutters in South Side with you. While they won’t likely fit your new windows, you may use them for other items.

 Likewise, your buyers may not want your shutters left behind. They may have their own preferences for window coverings and your shutters just get in their way. You may be able to gain more for the removal of the shutters because they were initially designed to be left and it costs extra to dispose of them.

 Having a conversation about these small things is essential. You’ll find that the house sale process goes much smoother. Take notes of everything and make sure your solicitor drafts everything up as needed.

 A Quick Check on Your Plantation Shutters in South Side

 If you are still in doubt, make sure you call your realtor or solicitor. The latter is probably the best since they’re the one to deal with the legal contracts. Your realtor will just be able to advise on what is normal in a sale.

 Your solicitor is there to answer your questions. Get it in writing where possible. That way, if there is a problem afterward, you can always go back to your solicitor with proof of everything they’ve said.

 In the majority of cases, you’re going to leave the plantation shutters in South Side. The only time you won’t is if you and your buyer have agreed on something different.

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