4 Perfect Colors for Draperies in Pittsburgh as Secondary Window Treatments

You know that you want to use draperies in Pittsburgh as secondary window treatments. They add texture and style to your home, while offering some extra benefits in the winter months. Now you just need to choose on the color of your drapes.

This doesn’t have to be difficult. You can choose bright and bold colors, or you can keep things neutral. There just are a few considerations to make.

Consider the Color of Primary Treatments

You’ll already have a primary treatment hanging. This could be a set of sheer draperies in Pittsburgh. Or you may have shutters, blinds, or shades. Whatever you have, you’ll need to make sure your new drapes will match. There’s nothing worse than clashing colors or overwhelming styles mixed together.

If you have neutral colors with your primary treatments, you have a bit more choice in terms of colors for your drapes. You can choose bold to stand out or you can stick to other neutral tones to blend in. If your primary treatments are bold, you’re going to want to take a step back. Opt for neutral to avoid overwhelming the mind.

Work with the Home Décor Color

Whatever color you have for the primary treatment, you’ll also need to think about the décor color around the home. Your draperies in Pittsburgh should work with other color choices. If you have bold oranges on your throws or pillows, consider the orange to match with the drapes. When you have red or blue, consider the same coloring for your window treatments.

When you have a minimalistic style around the home, you want to keep that going with other parts of your home décor. That means looking for more neutral or minimalistic styles for your drapes.

Consider the Mood You’re Setting with Draperies in Pittsburgh

Colors will affect the mood, which is something you need to heavily consider when it comes to choosing the color of your secondary window treatment. In fact, it’s something to consider when choosing any window treatment color. The last thing you want is to set the wrong mood in the home.

Want to create a sense of warmth? You need to avoid the icy blues. Need to create happiness? Look for yellows or summery oranges. You’ll be amazed at the mental effect color can have.

Think About Lighting Control

Darker colored draperies in Pittsburgh are going to have the problem of limiting the light. That’s just a natural part of life. So, if you want your secondary treatments to still allow light to shine through, you’re going to want to choose lighter colors.

However, you’re likely using the drapes as a way to block view and light later in the day. You want them to add another layer for heating benefits. In this case, darker colors will work well. Just work them into your décor with the other tips above.

Consider your needs when it comes to choosing your secondary window treatment. Draperies in Pittsburgh look great, but they need to work with all other elements around the home.

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