Should You Connect Your Electric Blinds in Pittsburgh to a Smartphone App?

When you get a set of electric blinds in Pittsburgh, you’ll be able to choose between wired and wireless options. Wireless options can be connected to your internet, which means you can often connect them to a smartphone app. Is this something you should considered?

There are pros and cons to connecting to a smartphone app. Here’s what you need to look into before you decide either way.

Control Your Blinds Outside the Home

One of the biggest benefits to getting your electric blinds in Pittsburgh connected to an app is being able to control them outside your home. There’s a chance to make your home fully smart and efficient.

If you’re away for a period of time, you’ll be able to control your blinds as if you were in the house. You can choose when the close the blinds, making it look like you’re using them from the inside of your home. You can still set up a timer, but you can gain full control.

Electric blinds that aren’t connected to an app can’t be controlled in this way. Some can be set to a timer, but others you can only use when you’re around the device to control the electronics. You don’t have the extra control so people can see if you’re in or out.

Manage Devices Without Touching

With a smart app, you’ll also be able to control your electric blinds in Pittsburgh without touching anything. You can hook up everything to your Alexa or Google Home, meaning you can control with your voice.

A smart home is growing in popularity. People can walk into the house and just control the lights, their music, and now their blinds. It’s like having an assistant do it all for you, so you can focus on just the tasks that you need to get done – and can only do yourself.

Your home becomes more efficient. It’s easier to keep the temperatures consistent, gain privacy, and manage the light coming into the home without having to get up or take your eyes off a computer screen (perfect if you work from home). This is also beneficial if you struggle with movement.

Controlling Electric Blinds in Pittsburgh Without Your Phone?

What if you lose your phone? What if your app is disconnected or you don’t have an internet connection? Can you still use your electric blinds?

These are worries for many people and the answers will depend on the type of device you have. In many case, you can get the app removed from your phone or disconnect it remotely. In other cases, you can still use through another remote. However, there are times that you’ll need to log in and connect to another smartphone device or need the internet to control.

So, what if you don’t have the internet? You’ll probably be able to get a battery-powered remote, too. This will be separate to your phone and will be like control your TV from multiple devices.

It’s time to look at making your home as smart as possible. Could you connect your electric blinds in Pittsburgh to your smartphone app? Is it something to consider for major benefits or not for you yet?

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