Pros and Cons of Getting Solar Screens in Pittsburgh for Your Home

Instead of getting a set of blinds or shades, you may look at installing solar screens in Pittsburgh. This is definitely a consideration for the conservatory or another room where you want plenty of light but not the glare. Before you get anything installed, you need to consider the pros and cons.

 It’s time to delve into the uses of solar shades. How will they benefit your home? Could they lead to damage? Here are the pros and cons of solar screens for your home.

 They Manage the UV Levels Coming Into the Home

 Solar screens in Pittsburgh are exterior window treatments for the home. They help to manage the levels of UV rays coming into the house through the window. This is certainly good for managing the rising temperatures and protect the furniture and walls from UV damage.

 Offer Insulation from the Outside

 Because they’re placed on the outside of the windows, the solar screens offer some insulation from the extreme temperatures outside. This can be beneficial both in the summer and the winter. In the summer, you reduce the rising temperatures in the home. In the winter, the temperature outside the window isn’t as low so the heat doesn’t try to escape as much.

 Solar Screens in Pittsburgh Are Easily Installed and Removed

 The screens clip onto the windows. You can install them all yourself, and then you remove them as and when you want them. Solar screens are designed to be temporary items. This can be a downside, but it does depend on what your main purpose of the window treatments are. If you want to manage the UV rays in the summer and remove in the winter, solar screens are perfect for your needs!

 You Gain Extra Privacy

 When you’re in a room like the conservatory, you’ll likely have large windows that allow you the comfort of good natural lighting. The problem is they take away some of your privacy. Solar screens will help to make the view into the home difficult, offering you the privacy you need.

$Still Have Use of Indoor Window Treatments

 A pro and a con is the need for indoor window coverings. You can get some solar screens that are for the inside, but most are exterior. On a night, you’re still going to need extra privacy and you’ll want something that helps to lock the heat in the home on a night. Solar screens in Pittsburgh aren’t going to cut out the full need for interior window treatments but it will depend on the room.

 They Can Damage Windows

 You need to make sure solar screens are installed properly. Too many are loosely added and this causes problems in bad weather. The screens can come away, causing them to flap about and scratch or break the windows. They can also fly off completely, putting yourself and others at risk of harm.

 Solar screens in Pittsburgh do look good and can be beautiful additions to the home. They offer a range of benefits, but, like anything, there are downsides to consider before you buy.

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