Motorized Blinds in Pittsburgh: Amazon Alexa or Google Home for Your Voice Control?

When you get motorized blinds in Pittsburgh, you likely want to connect them to your voice control devices. This is one of the benefits of getting these types of blinds after all. You get to make your life much easier. But which type of voice control should you get?

 You have two main choices for voice control. You can opt for Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Both have their pros and cons. Here’s a look at the options.

 It Will Depend on Your Motorized Blinds in Pittsburgh

 Before you even look at the device benefits, you’ll want to look at the type of motorized blinds you’ve bought. If you already have a set, you may find that they only work with particular pieces of software. Some blinds are better connected to Android devices while others connect better to Amazon-run systems.

 The tech for both is different. Companies will work closely with partners to make sure you get the best functions for your specific needs. If you have a set of blinds that will only work with one type of voice control, then you’ll need to get that device. 

If you’re getting the device first, you’ll want to look out for the motorized blinds in Pittsburgh that works with it. Make sure you check the labels. Don’t assume that your blinds will work with either. If you’re not sure, you can ask the sales assistants or get in touch directly with the company.

 Think About Your Other Devices

 Don’t just look for something that works with your blinds. You want to make sure your voice control device or your smart device will work with other items around the home.

 For example, you may have a Chromecast in the house. This is going to work best with a Google Home, so you want to consider this voice activation device in the home. If you work with Amazon products a lot, you’ll find that the Alexa device is better.

 You’ll likely want to get your motorized blinds in Pittsburgh after you’ve considered all your other devices. Make sure they work for the specific voice control device you need.

 When You Have a Gut Preference

 You’ll likely prefer one brand over the other. Google Home and Amazon Alexa pretty much offer the exact same benefits. However, Google can often connect with more devices. The Android coding is open source, allowing for more companies to create products that connect easily.

 If you’re going to build up on the smart devices in the home, consider getting a Google Home over an Amazon Echo. You’ll find that you get more control in the long run and it’s easier to connect everything to your Home app.

 In the end, you’ll likely have a brand preference. Go with the gut.

 If you’re getting motorized blinds in Pittsburgh, you’ll want to think about the voice control. This is one of the biggest benefits for controlling your blinds. Now the question is over the type of voice control device you get. Do you opt for Alexa or get a Google Home?

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