How to Choose the Best Outdoor Roller Shades in Pittsburgh for Your Home

The cold weather is starting to disappear. Before you know it, you’ll want to spend time out on your patio and soak in the sun. But you always want the privacy and security and that leads to looking at a set of outdoor roller shades in Pittsburgh.

Before you choose just any, you want to make sure they’re right for you. This is just like choosing shades for the inside of the home, but there are a few differences in the considerations to make. Here’s how to choose the best outdoor roller shades for you.

Choose a Color that Appeals to You

There’s nothing worse than pulling your shades down and hating the color every time you see them. Just because the shades are for the outside doesn’t mean they have to be an outdoorsy color. If you’re not a fan of hunter green or the forest browns, you don’t need to pick them!

Choose a color that works for you. Enjoy the outdoor roller shades in Pittsburgh when they’re in use. You’ll find that you use them more, getting more of the financial benefits from them. You’ll also be happier on your patio.

Lighter colors can certainly work out in your favor. These colors will reflect the light and UV rays, helping to keep the heat on your patio to a minimum.

Consider Natural Materials

If you do want neutral and outdoorsy colors, think about getting outdoor roller shades in Pittsburgh in a natural material. Bamboo roller shades have become extremely popular, but you can also get other wood colors and materials.

Consider getting these natural materials. Not only do they look good but they’re great for the environment. Roller bamboo shades are so popular because they also filter the light instead of blocking it. You get the privacy on your patio without feeling like you’ve plunged yourself in darkness.

One thing to be aware of is that the natural materials aren’t always the best for the rainy weather. They can let some water through and also become damaged, even with the treatments applied to them. You may want another cover on the outside like a sheer vinyl.

Sheer Outdoor Roller Shades in Pittsburgh Can Be Perfect

Like solar shades for the inside of the home, you can get a set of outdoor roller shades in a sheer material. This is great for allowing light in but reducing the glare. The benefit of sheer solar-like shades is that you have more privacy while not blocking out the view from your patio.

However, you’ll need to consider just how sheer they are. Make sure they do help to protect against some of the UV rays coming through. You’ll also want something that allows you to use your shades on a night without worrying about people seeing in – the material works a little like a one-way mirror with the view blocked from whichever side the light is on.

A set of outdoor roller shades in Pittsburgh will be beautiful for the home. They help to offer benefits for the patio, including reducing the heat and offering privacy. Just pick the right type for your needs.

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