Exterior Shutters vs. Patio Blinds in Pittsburgh: What’s the Best Option for Your Home?

When it comes to window treatments outside your home, you have a fewer options than inside. However, there are still some highly practical options. Exterior shutters and patio blinds in Pittsburgh tend to be the best options. Which one is right for you?

The answer to the question isn’t that simple. It will depend on what you want to gain out of your window treatments, as well as considering there are different types of both. Here’s a basic look to compare the two.

Patio Blinds in Pittsburgh Offer Fashion

One of the reasons patio blinds were considered were for fashion benefits. They’re not exactly window treatments but patio treatments. Most will tend to sit on the external section of your patio instead of on the outside of your windows.

You get to use them when you’re on your patio. It’s possible to use them to reduce the heat you feel while siting outside, without blocking the view to the garden. However, you can gain privacy while out there, since they can act like solar blinds.

Patio blinds in Pittsburgh are more about fashion while gaining privacy. They look good and do help to create a safe space outside. Meanwhile shutters will attach to the windows and offer no benefit to those outside the home.

Patio Blinds Tend to Be the Cheaper Option

If you’re looking for something to save money in the short-term, patio blinds are the option. They’re not permanent fixtures to the home and don’t add value in the majority of cases. They are perfect for renters who want to gain some outdoor benefits and good for those with smaller budgets.

The downside is the lack of financial benefits in the long term. While they can help to keep the space just outside your windows warmer to offer some heating benefits instead, they’re not as good as external shutters.

A set of shutters are permanent. They offer aesthetic benefits to your windows and better curb appeal. They also stop the heat escaping the home as much, offering financial benefits.

Patio Blinds Don’t Reduce Noise or Help Against Storms

A big reason for external shutters is to gain some protection from the elements outside. They become a barrier against the window and can protect the windows in high winds or damaging storms. The material also makes an excellent buffer against the noise from outside.

These benefits aren’t gained with patio blinds in Pittsburgh. You can’t use them well in snow storms and they don’t buffer the sound well if you struggle to sleep on a night. They’re also not good for blocking light in the night or from offering privacy to areas like the bedroom and bathroom.

If you want something for noise and privacy benefits, it’s all about exterior shutters. When you want something that will offer privacy even when you’re outside, patio blinds in Pittsburgh are the most beneficial option you could choose. Know what you want and you’ll find an exterior window treatment that’s perfect for those needs.

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