Can You Use Roller Shades in Pittsburgh With Dogs in the House?

If you have animals in the house, you’ll want to think carefully about the window treatments that you have in the house. Roller shades in Pittsburgh can be perfect for those wanting cheap but great-looking window coverings, but are they any good for those with a dog in the house? 

There are some considerations to make when it comes to window treatments with pets around. Roller shades aren’t an instant no, but here are the factors that you need to consider.

 Avoid the Cords

 There are corded and cordless roller shades in Pittsburgh available. You want to make sure you get the latter. Even if you have nothing close to the window, you’ll need to think about the chances of your dog jumping up and getting accidentally caught in the cords. It’s amazing what pets can get up to while we’re away.

 Most manufacturers will offer cordless window treatments to keep pets and children safe. They don’t tend to cost anything extra so there’s reason not to get them!

 Think About Anxiety

 Some dogs get more anxious than others. When you go out, they act out because they’re scared and lonely. They need to know where you’ve gone and are worried that you won’t come back. Many of them will get to a window and try to look out.

 If you have roller shades in Pittsburgh, you run the risk of your shades being damaged. Leaving them closed blocks out the whole view from the window. You may come hope to the shade ripped from the window.

 The upside is you can leave the blinds completely open. Unlike venetian and vertical blinds that will have slats, you can keep your window free to make it safer and easier for your dog to see out of the window.

 Keeping Your Roller Shades in Pittsburgh Clean

 When you have dogs, you can find cleaning parts of the home is a little harder. You end up with fur everywhere and you can end up with some muddy footprints here and there. You’ll want to think about this when it comes to your windows.

 A set of roller shades could be the perfect option. You can keep them completely rolled up and out of the way during the day. This helps to prevent your dog jumping up and putting muddy paw prints on the material.

 The downside is cleaning. If you do end up with muddy paw prints or a lot of fur all over the place, you can need to soak the shades or constantly roll them up and down to clean. The amount of cleaning will depend on the type of dog you have.

 There’s nothing wrong with getting a set of roller shades in Pittsburgh. They can be excellent for those with calm dogs or those who will keep the shades rolled up during the day when out of the house. However, the first consideration should always be safety. If you can’t find cordless roller shades, you’ll want to move onto another style to keep your dog safe.

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