Can You Get Blackout Honeycomb Shades in Pittsburgh?

You know you want blackout shades for the bedroom. Your kids need them. At the same time, you’d really like to benefit from honeycomb shades in Pittsburgh. There are so many financial and safety benefits, but there’s one concern. Most of the styles you’ve seen are only room darkening options.

So, can you get blackout honeycomb shades? Do they even exist? If so, do they cost a lot extra? Here’s all you need to know about blackout cell shades—and it’s all good news.

Blackout Honeycomb Shades Are Possible

Let’s start with the fact that it is possible to get blackout Pittsburgh honeycomb shades. Room darkening ones tend to be more popular because they are used a lot in living rooms and dining rooms. However, there is a call for more blackout options for the bedrooms.

The blackout style of cellular shades can come in one of two styles. It’s possible to get shades that have a thicker layer of material to help block out more light. You may also need to get darker colors to make that work. However, the second option is far more popular.

Good blackout honeycomb shades come with an aluminum coating on the inside of the cells. This helps to prevent the light from getting through the middle. Don’t worry, the aluminum may look a little like tinfoil but it doesn’t crinkle in the same way.

No Need to Spend Extra

The great news is that you don’t need to spend extra on blackout honeycomb shades in Pittsburgh. They don’t often require a lot more manufacturing steps and the aluminum coating is affordable for businesses. If you are going to spend extra, it’s minimal compared to the other types of window treatments out there.

Exact costs will depend on the type of blinds you get. You’ll still get a range of single and double cell options, allowing you to gain all the benefits you want and get the style of honeycomb shade that works for your needs.

In fact, you gain more financial benefits by getting these coated options. Aluminum helps to reduce more heat loss through the window. You keep the heating in the room, allowing for more comfort and more sustainable heating levels in the winter. It’s possible to spend less on your heating bills, and you know Pittsburgh honeycomb shades are already awesome for saving money on your heating bills.

These benefits can work the opposite way too. It’s possible to keep the heat out, meaning you don’t need to use the air conditioning as often. You’ll continue saving money in the middle of the summer.

Looking for the best options of window treatments for your home? It’s certainly worth considering Pittsburgh honeycomb shades. They look amazing and offer a range of benefits in the home. You don’t need to sacrifice lighting benefits either.

Opt for the shades with the aluminum coating in the middle. While you can get those with thicker material, the aluminum coated honeycomb shades in Pittsburgh are far more effective and energy efficient.

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