5 Styles of Drapes for the Summer

Drapes can be beautiful additions to your Pittsburgh home, especially in the summer. Draperies offer a break from the heat coming in, while also creating a bright and airy appearance. You can double them easily with other window treatments or even opt to keep them hanging alone. When you do opt for drapes, look for seasonal styles to bring the outside in. Here are five perfect styles for your summer drapes.

1. Keep It Light

Opt for a plain light color for simplicity in your drapes. You can do this with plain white or you can opt for other light colors. Yellow, light green, and orange are all popular options for the summer. Light colors help to brighten up the space regardless of the rest of the décor. They also help to add a positive mindset to the room in your Pittsburgh home.

2. Go Tie-Dye or Dip-Dye

Try adding a little color to plain drapes. Tie-dye or dip-dye drapes are absolutely beautiful, and you can get a good mixture of colors this way. Keep the base color and then add one other color. With the dying techniques, you’ll get a blend of the shades of the one chosen color.

3. Opt for Polka Dots

Why not try some drapes with polka dots? Again, opt for a white base to the drapes to help keep the light and airiness to the window treatments. You can work with one single color or get polka dots in multiple colors. Avoid too many colors when working with polka dots. Opt for three colors at the most for the polka dots to avoid too much in the way of confusion and overwhelm.

4. Work with Floral Patterns

Add some beautiful floral patterns to your drapes. One pattern uses minimal flowers or petals along the borders or bottom of the drapes. Another option is to add flowers throughout the whole drape, so it looks like the flowers have completely taken over. Work with a single color when adding a full cover of flowers to avoid too much overwhelm.

You also can work with vines instead of flowers. Work the vines up the drapes, with the odd flower in full bloom to really bring the appearance of summer.

5. Add Colored Seashells

Replace the polka dots with seashells. This will bring a beach theme to your drapes and really capture the heart of the summer. This works extremely well if you have other summer centerpieces and decorations in the home. If you really want the feel of summer throughout the year, you can keep the seashells drapes up to remind you of the summer.

Are you looking for a way to bring the summer into your home? Your drapes offer one of the greatest and easiest ways to do that. Follow the tips above and you’ll have an idea for every single room in your home, regardless of interests and style choices.

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