4 Signs It’s Time to Consider New Roman Blinds in Pittsburgh

Over time, your Pittsburgh roman blinds start to look worn. Even the most well-cared for blinds will fade and become irreparable. This is just the case with window treatments due to heating, UV rays, and general wear and tear. You’ll want to replace your blinds before they start to look scraggly to make sure they always work for you. Here are four signs it’s time to replace your roman blinds.

The Cords and Edges Are Frayed

One of the most common signs of wear and tear is on the edges of the roman blinds in Pittsburgh. You can also see the signs in the cords. Over time, the edges start to fray. While it is possible to do some repair work at first, eventually you’ll need to replace them completely. Weigh up the odds now as to whether repair or replacement is the best. If you only see initial signs of fraying, repairing could be considered until you save up for the roman blinds of your dreams.

The Slats Are Bent or Warped

Check out the slats within the blinds. You’ll have runners that usually help to keep the shape of your Pittsburgh roman blinds, especially if you have cascading options. These runners can become warped with the heat or start to bend from overuse. They can also become broken, especially if small hands or pets get hold of them. While you can replace one, if you have more, you might find it more cost effective to get new blinds installed instead.

You Can’t Open and Close the Blinds

Over time, your blinds can start to become difficult to open and close. This is often a sign of the mechanism failing, which is generally part of wear and tear. If you force your blinds to open and close, you put extra strain on the system and you run the risk of completely damaging your blinds. Of course, you want to be able to use them, so you may find that the blinds need replacing.

Another danger of hard to lift blinds is that they can fall out of the window. This puts everyone at risk, so you’ll want to make sure you replace before it gets to that point.

The Pittsburgh Roman Blinds Don’t Work with the Décor

One of the biggest reasons to switch up your blinds is due to your décor. You may have decided to get your home redecorated. Suddenly, the bright orange blinds that you got to brighten up the room don’t work with the greens and reds you have dotted around the home through wallpaper or the throws. You want blinds that match the new style and that means looking out for new options.

You may have also decided that you no longer want your blinds to be a focal point. Those bright orange roman shades look better in a cream or white.

Don’t be ashamed about looking for new roman blinds in Pittsburgh. There are all sorts of reasons your blinds will need updating. To get the right style for your home or to replace broken elements are the most common signs.

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