4 Quick Tips for Using Your Curtains Panels in Pittsburgh

When your curtain panels in Pittsburgh are opened, you’ll want to make sure they’re hanging properly. Drapes and curtains become decorative in nature during the day. They can add a sense of style to a room quickly and effectively. Here are four quick tips to help use your curtain panels well.

Use a Screw to Hook in Place

You’ll usually place your curtains on a rod that hangs a couple of inches or so from the wall. This is standard to make sure you can pull the curtains on and off easily. The problem is you get light shining through from the side and you can see along the inside of the window.

Use a screw just by the curtain rod to help manage the placement of the outside curtain panels in Pittsburgh. Instead of putting the outer hooks on the rod, clip them to the screw. This creates a sort of right angle, which helps to create the sense of the curtains rolling around the side and they meet the walls.

Use a Drapery Rod

When you’re opening and closing your curtain panels in Pittsburgh, you’ll need to touch the material. This often leads to a little dirt or grime going onto the material. After all, our hands are full of bacteria and natural oils. We can also tug too hard and end up ripping the material accidentally.

Use a drapery rod instead. This helps to glide the movement from the top instead of the middle. The curtains sit better because all the material slides at the same time. You’ll find it’s easier to make them hang better when open and closed.

Use Ribbon to Make the Pleats in Curtain Panels in Pittsburgh Sit Right

Panels don’t fall into place naturally. They’re never going to look perfect without some training. This is where ribbon comes into play. The material is soft enough to avoid damage and wrinkles to the material while you make sure the pleats sit in the right place.

You’ll need to spend a little extra time on a morning to open your curtains. Fold the pleats the way you want them and then tie with a piece of ribbon gently. Only remove the ribbon when you’re opening the curtains. After a while, you’ll be able to allow them to sit without the ribbon.

Use Clip-On Rings in the Middle of Pleats

If you’re going to use the rings instead of sliding the rod through your curtain panels in Pittsburgh, make sure you hang them in the middle of each pleat. Getting curtain hooks to attach the curtains to the rings is even better since the hooks won’t be visible from the other side.

Sitting them in the middle of the pleats helps to make the pleats sit properly. They’re good for the training with the ribbon.

Hanging and using curtains is more than just putting them on a rod. If you want them to look like a show home, you’ll need to do a little extra work for the pleats in your curtain panels in Pittsburgh.

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