4 Christmas Ideas to Repurpose Your Shutters in Pittsburgh

It’s getting to the time of year where you want to decorate your house without spending an absolute fortune. If you have old shutters in Pittsburgh that you were just going to trash, think about repurposing them. They can become the best Christmas decorations ever, especially as you and your kids can have fun creating something from scratch.

Need help to get started? That’s not a problem. Here are four places to start from easy to a little more challenging.

1. Paint a Snowman

Let’s start with the easiest of all the craft ideas to repurpose those shutters in Pittsburgh. There’s no need to cut your shutters up or mend any broken slats. You just need one board that you can repaint.

Start by painting a background in one color. This will help your snowman stand out. If you have shutters that have been damaged or are worn, consider a darker color. Otherwise, work with a lighter color to bring the sense of winter through. Then you can paint your snowman, with buttons, carrot noses, and all the bells and whistles you want!

2. Use It as a Base

If you don’t fancy painting a snowman (or even Santa if you’re looking to be a little more adventurous), then you could always just repaint your shutters in Pittsburgh and use them as a base for your decorations. Opt for a light blue or silver color and then hang wreaths, silvery pinecones, tinsel, and other Christmas decorations from the shutters.

You can also add mason jars around the edges of your shutters. Fill them with silver and white beads and marbles to bring the Christmas feel to the home.

3. Make It a Picture Holder

Another very easy option is to make your old shutters in Pittsburgh into a picture holder. Repaint in a red or a green and place to one side of the home. You can nail to the wall or you can use the hinges to help your shutters stand alone. Get some pegs to pin the photos and cards to the Christmas shutters. Alternatively, you can just tuck the pictures and cards into the plantation shutter slats.

This is one of those repurposing ideas that works for different times of the year. You can keep repainting the shutters or you can paint in a neutral color and replace the pictures for the different seasons.

4. Turn It Into a Fake Fire

You don’t want to set fire to your shutters in Pittsburgh, but you can make your shutters look like a fake fire place. This requires a little more artistic talent and patience, as you’ll need to create a small box with your shutters. Place a few lights inside the box that look like a fireplace.

Don’t forget a small handle and decorate with some Christmas tree bristles and decorations. You’ll be surprised at how warm your home looks from the fake fireplace.

What are you doing with your old shutters in Pittsburgh? It’s time to turn them into something for Christmas. Get creative and get the kids involved and you’ll have a home of rustic and beautiful decorations.

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