Wood vs. Metal vs. Vinyl Shutters in Solana Beach: Which Is Best?

You’ve decided you want to get Solana Beach shutters. Now you just need to decide on the type. Before you look at styles and colors, consider the material for your shutters. There are three main options: metal, wood, or vinyl. Just which is the best for you? Here’s a look at the three options in detail.

Wood Shutters for the Authentic Look

One of the biggest benefits of wood shutters is that they look authentic. They appear as they would have centuries ago, helping you to finish the plantation look to your home. You can repaint the shutters any color you want with ease, working with the current color of the outside of your home.

Wood shutters are durable, but not as durable as some other materials. They can warp with the heat and suffer from sun rot. There is also the risk of them splintering due to the elements. Costs of wood shutters can also be high.

You can get faux wood for durability benefits. They look just like the normal wood shutters at a fraction of the cost.

Metal Shutters for Modern Styles

If you want to bring a modern style to your home, you may want to consider investing in metal shutters. There’s no need to do any work to them to make them work with the futuristic look to your home.

The downside is the maintenance. The metal shutters in Solana Beach are more likely to succumb to element damage—far more than wood. They are likely suffer rust from the rain and warp with the heat. Of course, this will depend on the materials. Aluminum shutters are the best option to avoid some damage, but they still require maintenance.

Metal shutters can also be noisy. If you don’t secure them, they are likely to make louder banging sounds that annoy the whole neighborhood.

Vinyl Shutters for Easy Maintenance

Vinyl Solana Beach shutters are the easiest to manage and the cheapest to buy. They have a similar appearance to wood, depending on the colors you paint them. They can blend relatively easily with the style of your home, adding to the plantation look. They can also give a modern appearance if that’s what you prefer.

The plastic vinyl is able to withstand heat and sun rot better. You get more value for money. They are also much easier to maintain. The hardest parts will be the metal hinges that you’ll need to clean on a monthly basis or so.

One of the downsides is poorly maintained vinyl looks cheap. It can cause problems with adding value to your home, since people want something that looks beautiful. Maintenance shouldn’t be a problem though, as sometimes they just need a new lick of paint.

Which type of shutter will you get for your home? There are pros and cons to each of your options, whether you want a rustic, natural look or a modern style for your home. Take your time to choose the perfect shutters in Solana Beach for your home and needs.

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