The Best Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors provide spectacular natural light and views, creating a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Still, there are times when you want more of a divide between those areas, not to mention the option for more privacy. The right window treatments for sliding glass doors give you the versatility of enjoying all the perks of your sliding glass doors, with the option to block out the outside world at a moment’s notice.


Ready to dress up your doors, boost the flexibility of your living spaces and enjoy every amenity your home has to offer to the fullest? Window treatments can help you accomplish all those goals.


What Kind of Window Treatments Work with Sliding Glass Doors?

While there’s definitely nothing wrong with a tried-and-true go-to like vertical blinds, they’re not the only choice you have when it comes to sliding glass doors. Unlike the clunky, complicated corded options of days gone by, today’s vertical blinds can come with cordless options for increased safety. You’re not stuck with white or off-white standard color choices, either, as there is now a wide variety of colors and patterns to suit any interior décor. Still not sold on vertical blinds? Here are some other great options for sliding glass doors.


Vertical Cellular Shades

Looking for a fresh twist on a classic? Vertical cellular shades come in a vast array of cell sizes, colors and fabrics to pull any room together while also boosting energy efficiency and privacy. Sliding panel tracks are more structured and provide greater visual interest, and the endless configurations allow for a truly custom window treatment for your sliding doors.


Plantation Shutters

Love the high-end, ultra-polished look of plantation shutters? With bifold and bypass track features, you have full access to your sliding doors with the added privacy and sophistication of plantation shutters typically seen adorning windows.


Drapes and Curtains

When it comes to UV protection, drapes and blackout-style curtains are difficult to beat. Easily coordinated with window treatments throughout the room and capable of creating pitch-like darkness on even the sunniest day, drapes can be opened with the mere flick of a wrist. Modern options include motorization and smart-home synchronization capability, so you can control your drapes from anywhere in the world with your phone.


Choosing the Right Sliding Glass Door Window Treatments

No two rooms are exactly alike, nor are any two living situations identical. Choosing the right window treatment option for your sliding doors requires several factors to be considered. Renters, for example, will naturally have concerns about more permanent options while homeowners will want to consider long-term investments in their property value.


The orientation of your room and the direction sliding glass doors are facing will also need to be kept in mind. East-facing doors will get direct morning sunlight and may require more UV protection than north- or south-facing doors and windows, while close neighbors may necessitate more flexibility in terms of privacy.


With so many things to consider, it often helps to work with a design professional who specializes in window treatments. If you’re not sure which option is best suited to your unique needs, schedule a free consultation with our local design experts.

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