Will Shutters in Cardiff Really Add More Security to My Home?

There are many benefits to getting Cardiff shutters. One of those touted is the extra security to your home. It’s easy to overlook this benefit, especially if you consider interior shutters. You start to question whether it really will help to protect your home from break-ins. Here’s a look at just why shutters are so great for extra security.

Exterior Shutters Create a Clear Barrier

One of the benefits of exterior shutters is that they’re visible right away. Burglars see the barrier and decide not to bother trying to get into your home. They don’t even know if you’re in or out, since they can’t see past the wood or vinyl to determine if the lights are on.

The barrier also means they have something immediately to go through before getting to the window. Do they really want to take the time to get past your exterior security? There’s more of a chance that they’ll be seen trying to get into the property, so they’ll decide to pass by your house right away.

You’ll also have the advantage of limited broken windows. The exterior shutters protect against weather damage, which keeps your home protected throughout the year. If you’re out and there was a storm, there’s no need to worry about water damage or a break-in because you weren’t there to fix the broken glass.

Your family will get instant protection from the exterior shutters in Cardiff. Your home insurance company will also thank you for the added protection, lowing your premiums because of it.

Interior Shutters Can Still Offer Benefits

While interior shutters aren’t visible from the road, they can still offer extra security benefits. You don’t quite get the same lack of damage benefits, but you will still make it harder for burglars to get through your windows.

The amount of benefits will depend on the type of interior Cardiff shutters you buy. Café shutters aren’t quite as beneficial as the full shutters. They only cover part of the window, allowing light to shine through at the top. This means people will see if you have a light on or off, making an educated guess if you’re in or not.

However, the shutters do create a barrier. If there are homes without this barrier, burglars will avoid your house. They don’t want the added material to get through, since there’s a higher chance they’ll be caught.

The downside to interior vs. exterior is the protection against the elements. If the storms are bad and the windows break, there is a high chance of water damage to your home. This could be just within the windowsill (between the window and shutters) but it could also be within the home depending on the type of shutters you have.

There are definitely security benefits to installing Cardiff shutters around your home. The exact benefits will depend on the type of shutters you get. Exterior shutters tend to be the best, due to the added protection to the exterior parts of the windows. However, certain interior shutters can offer very similar benefits, especially when it comes to thieves.

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