Why Cellular Shades in Escondido Are the Best Option for Your Child’s Bedroom

If you’re looking for new window coverings for a child’s bedroom, you’re going to have specific needs. You want something that makes it easier for younger children to nap in the day but something that will allow some light in to allow them to play. Roller shades are often considered but what about all the benefits of cellular shade sin Escondido.

Cell shades are often overlooked but they can be the perfect option for a child’s bedroom. They offer a range of benefits that your children will need and here are four reasons you need to consider them.

They’re Completely Cordless

Roller shades and other types of blackout blinds can have the downside of cords. While you could pin them up or find other ways to deal with them, the best option is to get rid of them completely. Cellular shades in Escondido are completely cordless. They fit within a runner in your windows and you pull up and down on a pulley to open and close.

You don’t have to worry one bit about your children getting caught in the cords. Sure, you still want to keep furniture away from the windows when you can, but you don’t have to worry about it as much. You can sleep much easier knowing your children are safe in their room.

Cellular Shades in Escondido Offer Heating Benefits

You’ll hear that your child’s room should be around 65F for optimum temperatures. This is comfortable to sleep but keeps the body temperature regulated. You can’t always have the heating or air conditioning on throughout the day and night, though. It’s not necessarily going to be affordable.

This is where your window coverings come into play. You want something that will offer heating benefits and cell shades are perfect. They’re designed to circulate the air and the heat.

If heat tries to escape, it will be trapped in the cells and circulate back into the room. When it tries to come in through the window, it circulates back out. The room’s temperature remains more consistent throughout the day and night.

They Come in A Variety of Styles

This isn’t just about the colors and patterns – although this is certainly a benefit – but about the style of shade. Cellular shades in Escondido can offer room darkening and blackout effects. There’s something for all needs.

You can get thermal cellular shades that will block the heat escaping. These happen to block the light coming through at the same time. However, if you have older children, you might not need the blackout effect and you can get a set that just filters the light or offers a small barrier to darken the room. During a night, you still get the darkness.

Either way, you have a window treatment that offers complete privacy. You can also open and close from the top or bottom for more lighting and privacy benefits.

It’s time to think carefully about the window coverings in your child’s bedroom. Don’t just opt for something that everyone else is because it’s cheaper. Look into the benefits of cellular shades in Escondido and decide whether they could be just what you need for your child’s bedroom.

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