Why Cellular Blinds in Escondido Are the Best for Child Safety

Escondido cellular blinds offer a range of benefits, including heating and lighting. Did you know they also offer the best option for child safety? Due to the way they sit in the window, there’s nothing that can cause harm to your children. Here’s why they are the best window treatments for the safety of your children at home.

No Cords at All

One of the biggest benefits of cell blinds is that they don’t require any cords at all. The blinds sit within the window frame, within a slider instead of on the outside. This helps to cut out the cord, as you can slide the cellular blinds in Escondido up and down within the slider system. Think of it like sliding windows and doors that have a latch instead of a cord to pull open and close.

The blinds have a latch within the middle of them, which you can click to unlock and open the ability to slide up and down. When the blinds are in the right place, you unclick the lock and put it back in place within the slider.

Without the cords, there is less fear of what children will get up to. There are just too many accidents in the home, as children don’t realize putting their heads through the loops is dangerous. The best thing you can do is just lose the cords completely without losing function of your shades.

Open from the Top Instead

Another major benefit of cellular blinds in Escondido is the ability to open from the top. The bottom of the blinds can be constantly closed, taking away the view that they move. Children are less inclined to play with something when they don’t realize it moves. Opening from the top down will keep the movement out of sight for a while and then make it harder to reach when they are older!

Opening from the top can also be beneficial for the room as a whole. You can minimize the amount of glare reaching the bed and flooring but still allow plenty of light into the room.

Follow Other Safety Tips

While Escondido cellular blinds are the best option for child safety, you should still follow other child safety tips. Avoid putting furniture near the blinds. This doesn’t just keep children away from the cords (if there are any) but away from the window and blinds. You discourage climbing onto the window frame, which can lead to accidents and broken blinds.

It’s also important to discuss blind safety as your children get older. Help them understand why cords are so dangerous and what to do near the window. This will just give you peace of mind as they get old enough to climb easily.

Definitely consider cellular blinds in Escondido for your children’s bedrooms. They are the safest options when it comes to child safety. The best thing is they offer a range of other benefits, including heating and cooling benefits. What’s your excuse for not having them?

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