Which Ways Should Your Roller Shades in Escondido Sit in Your Windows?

The most common way for people to hang their Escondido roller shades is to have the shade roll to the back. At the front, you’ll see the roller clearly, keeping the shade away from the hands at the front. But can you actually hang them the other way? Is there a set way that the shades have to hang or has it always just been personal choice? Here’s a look at the options.

You Can See the Colors Reversed

Before you hang the shades, you’ll want to look at the colors and the patterns. If they don’t match on both sides, you’ll find that they can be reversed depending on the way that you hang the roller. The shades are created with the traditional way of hanging in mind. You’ll need to have your shades custom made if you want to hang them backwards.

When roller shades in Escondido are the same on both sides of the fabric, you won’t have a problem. The style and design will be the exact same. You may just have a mirror image of the patter depending on the style of fabric. Some shades are made with two rolls of fabric back to back to allow for both ways of hanging.

You May Not See the Pattern

If you get PVC roller shades, you’ll find that the pattern may be invisible on the inside of your home. Instead, you show the world your style and décor choices. This is because many PVC shades will only have the pattern printed on one side; the side that is traditionally placed to show into the room.

Like with the fabric Escondido roller shades, you’ll need to get your PVC blinds custom made if you want to hang them backwards. The manufacturer can roll them backwards, so the design shows on the right side. This is the side you want to see in the home, after all, isn’t it?

The Blinds Will Be Closer to Small Hands

Another downside is the closeness of the blinds to the others in the home. If you have pets or children, they will be able to grab the shades much easier. The reason most are hung with the shade closer to the window is to keep them out of reach from the smaller hands. Closer to the window also helps to offer better heating benefits, since the heat won’t get trapped in the gap between the shade and the window.

Hanging your blinds backwards can be beneficial if they’re cordless Escondido roller shades. You’ll be able to grab them much easier to pull.

There’s nothing wrong with hanging your roller shades in Escondido the opposite way around. You may get a few questions about your design choice, but in the end it’s up to you! It’s your home. As long as you’re happy with the blinds, that’s really all that matters, right?

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