What Type of Motorized Blinds in Encinitas Can You Get?

You’re considering Encinitas motorized blinds for the convenience, but there’s one thing stopping you from committing: style. What you really want to know is the type of blinds available. Are you stuck with vertical slat blinds or are there other options around? Here’s a look at all the types of blinds that can be motorized.

Vertical Blinds Are Just the Most Popular

It seems like vertical blinds can be the only option, but that’s because they tend to be among the most popular designs. They’re easy to use and work for the majority of window styles. The only times they’re not great is when working with French doors and windows. These types of blinds tend to get caught on the handles.

One of the great things about vertical designs is their longevity. They’re designed with durability in mind. They don’t succumb to as much sun damage as other types, especially when you purchase vinyl blinds.

You can also get the blinds in various colors and materials. Want a crisp and clean look? White and cream blinds tend to be popular? Need to work with child’s décor? There is something that will suit you. The blinds also create a blackout effect without opting solely for dark colors to work perfectly with color schemes.

Horizontal Slat Blinds Can Be Preferred

While vertical slat blinds have their place, you can also get horizontal slat motorized blinds in Encinitas. They come in wood, faux wood, metal, and vinyl materials, depending on your exact needs. They work well with the majority of windows, including French doors and windows.

One of the benefits is the blinds work well in children’s rooms. Because they’re motorized, you don’t need to worry about cords. Vertical blinds tend to touch the floor (or close to it), so smaller children can pull and break the blinds. That doesn’t happen as much with horizontal blinds.

Another benefit is style. While vertical blinds are mostly either fabric or vinyl, you can get wood, faux wood and metal horizontal lines. They not only work with different room styles, but can offer excellent mold-proof options and make cleaning much easier.

Solar, Roller, Roman and More Shades

Encinitas motorized blinds also come in fabric shade styles. You can get solar shades to allow some sunlight but reduce the glare. Roller blinds are available to keep the costs down. It’s also possible to invest in roman blinds if you want to hide them from view when open.

These types of shades are usually made with fabric. They make it possible to add more color and décor to a room. It’s possible to buy different patterns, get cartoon characters, or opt for beautiful designs to work with the exact style and room you want.

These motorized blinds also tend to work better for French doors. The blinds sit within the window grooves easier and delicately, avoiding being caught on the handles.

Encinitas motorized blinds are extremely convenient. There’s no need to worry about the style of the room, as there is something to suit all. While vertical blinds may have once been the most popular, it’s now possible to get solar shades, wood blinds, and even roman shades to match the beautiful décor of your dreams.

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