What Do You Actual Match Draperies in Fallbrook To?

You’ve likely heard of the term “matching your drapes,” but people don’t always tell you what to match them to. They also don’t really explain what they mean by matching your Fallbrook draperies to something in the home. Most people assume you’ll know what they mean. The problem is you can get it wrong and end up with drapes that clash.

Matching your drapes to a part of your room doesn’t mean you have to work with your wall color. You could work with or against something within the living space. Here are XX meanings behind matching draperies in Fallbrook.

Go for the Obvious: The Walls

Start by the most obvious item in the room you can match to: the walls. You can work with this idea in two ways. The first is to opt for the exact same color and shade and the second is to work with a slightly deeper or lighter shade. This will depend on the coloring around your window.

If you have no break between wall and curtain, try to work with a slightly different shade. It will break up the two parts of the home and bring more attention to the window. If you have a white (or other color) border around the window, work with the same shade of drapes to your walls. The border acts as the break to draw attention to the window.

Rather than all walls, you can choose to match one wall. This could be the wall that the drapes currently hang on or the opposite wall.

Go for Subtlety: The Furnishings

Rather than the walls, pick furnishings within the room to match to. This could be something as big as the couch or it could be something more subtle like the throws, shelving, and even candle holders. The matching will help to bring out the more subtle shades in your home, building on a color scheme that you’ve set out with your furnishings.

If you have patterns within the wallpaper, pick a subtle color within it to match your curtains to. This is beneficial with floral print wallpapers.

You can opt for bright colors to match in this way or stick to neutral. When choosing brighter colors, stick to neutral walls so that the colors don’t clash. If you have neutral color furnishings, you’ll find that the walls can stand out with brighter and bolder colors. Try not to use the same color for the walls, window coverings, and furnishings. The aim is to bring out the more subtle aspects in your home.

Go for the Contrast: Work Against the Walls

Finally, “matching drapes” could actually mean you’re not matching the colors at all. You’re contrasting your walls to help bring out personality and style to the room. Your Fallbrook draperies will often be an opposite color. For example, blue walls work well with orange drapes to contrast. The colors are opposites but they complement each other.

Matching your Fallbrook draperies is more than just working with the same color as your walls. Work with more subtle colors in the room instead. You don’t just need to match colors, either. Contrasting colors will help to complement the decor and add more personality to the room.

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