What Do Bonsall Plantation Shutters and Outdoor Solar Shades Have in Common?

Plantation shutters in Bonsall look nothing like outdoor solar shades. They are in no way connected, except that they’re both window treatments. But they have one more important element that connects them; a way that many people overlook. It’s all about the energy savings.

There’s a misconception that all window treatments will offer energy saving benefits. However, not all are made with the same insulation benefits. Plantation shutters and outdoor solar shades are the exceptions. They’re created with some similar goals, despite their vastly different styles and designs. Just how can they help?

They Manage the Heat Coming Into Your Home

Both treatments will help to manage the heat going into your home. This is especially important when it comes to the summer, but it can also be helpful for the winter months. After all, while it’s freezing cold outside, you might have a south-facing room that gets uncomfortably hot during the day.

Bonsall plantation shutters and outdoor shades are made with material that is designed to absorb and reflect the heat. Rather than allowing the heat into the home, the treatments push the heat back to the outdoors. You get to keep the air conditioning at a minimum throughout the day, while still having your windows open for free-flowing air.

It’s possible to cut as much as 97% of the heat entering your home. This is much more than any other window treatment.

They Reduce the UV Rays Entering

When you install plantation shutters and solar shades, you get to reduce the amount of UV rays entering your home. This doesn’t just offer the benefit of minimizing UV damage, but it reduces the heat. It’s these rays that are the cause for the temperatures to rise in your home. Of course, the lack of damage is a major benefit on top to help you save money in the long-run.

When you use the outdoor solar shades and plantation shutters in Bonsall, you don’t have to worry about cutting all light coming into your home. The outdoor shades are surprisingly more beneficial. They’re made with a slightly transparent material that reduces glare and harsh lighting, making it softer so you can keep the costs down on your lighting bills in the home.

While plantation shutters off a similar benefit, you’ll need to change the positioning of the slats. This can allow some of the UV rays into the home, which can lead to some issues with UV damage and heat rises.

Could Plantation Shutters or Solar Shades Work for You?

Now is the time to think about your window treatments and how they help manage your energy bills. Bonsall plantation shutters and outdoor solar shades surprisingly offer many of the same benefits. Now you just have to decide whether you want something on the outside of your home or inside. You’ll just need to decide the amount you’re willing to spend upfront, since the savings in the long-term are going to be about the same.

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