Using Your Curtains in Escondido to Pick Your Paint Color

When it comes to room décor, you need everything to work together. This is more than just finding curtains in Escondido that work to your personality. It’s more than just picking a paint color or throws that you like. You need to balance it all.

 If you’re not looking to change your curtains, then you’ll want to use them to pick your paint color. Here are the top tips to make sure the two work together.

 Opt for the Same Color 

One of the easiest options is to take your curtains into a store and look for a color that matches exactly. This is going to be extremely easy if you have a set of white curtains. You can just pick a white paint. But what if your curtains stand out with bright and beautiful colors?

 You’ll want to see what a paint color looks like on a wall. Make sure it’s the same color as your curtains. You can always ask for samples on a wall-like material.

 With the same color, you’ll create a full block. Your window won’t stand out from the rest of the walls. However, you can always have a different colored secondary window treatment to work with your curtains in Escondido to do that.

 Alternatively, you can stick to the same color but work with a different shade. For example, you could always opt for light purple walls if you have dark purple curtains or drapes. If your curtains are a light blue, consider a darker shade of blue on your walls. 

Contrasting Colors from Curtain to Wall

 Another option is to work with contrasting colors. You can still keep this neutral. For example, if you have white curtains and cream walls. Or you can have white walls against your grey curtains.

 If you have a color in your curtains, opt for a neutral color on your walls. If you have neutral colors in your curtains, you can add a color to your walls. You’ll want to make sure this is even and works for the overall décor in your room.

 The Opposite Colors from Walls to Curtains in Escondido

 Another option is to work with the color wheel to get the opposite colors. For example, orange and blue work together while purple and yellow are good opposite colors.

 If you want to keep a minimalistic style, you could work with black and white or grey and white. Green and red are good alternatives. The color wheel is a good way to see which colors work together well as opposites.

 You’ll need to be careful with the extra colors. Adding too much color can make a room feel loud and uncomfortable. Think of what the room is used for to make sure you get the right balance.

 Work with your curtains in Escondido to choose your paint colors. At the same time, think about the feeling you want to gain from the room and the style you want to achieve. What’s your room used for? That will help decide whether you do opposite colors, contrasting colors, or all the same shade.

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