Tips for Caring for Your Escondido Drapes

Now that you have drapes in your Escondido home, it’s time to look at caring for them. You can’t just hang drapes up to be left forever. They will collect dust and they can succumb to some sun rot. While drapes in Escondido can require a little less maintenance than other window treatment options, here are tips to follow to make sure they last.

Add a Lining If Not There Already

The sun is damaging to drape material. The majority of Escondido drapes will already have a lining, but make sure it’s there. You should also check the quality of this lining.

If you don’t already have a lining, add one to protect your drapes. Opt for a lighter color, as this will reflect the sun’s rays much easier than a darker one. When there is a lining but it looks poor quality, add a fresh lining for good protection.

Already got a lining but still worried? You can add other window treatments to your windows. Consider net curtains or light shades. Your drapes can be used for decorative purposes if you want.

Shake and Vacuum Your Drapes

Every night when closing or every morning when opening, give your drapes a shake. This helps to dislodge and remove dust. If left to collect, the dust particles will weaken and damage the fibers within the material.

Once or twice a month, you’ll want to take a vacuum cleaner to your Escondido drapes. Use the upholstery fitting on your nozzle to help protect the material. The harsh sucking from the nozzle can damage the material and not pick up all the dust and dirt. The brush fixture will help to lightly rub and pick up everything.

Check the Label Before Washing

Don’t assume all drapes in Escondido can be washed in the washing machine. Most drapes are designed for hand washing or dry cleaning only. If you put them in the washing machine, you run the risk of damaging them. Check the labels to find out if you can wash.

Likewise, don’t put in the dryer without checking. The labels will tell you if they need to be hung to dry or laid flat.

The labels will also tell you about temperatures. Just because the drapes can be machine washed, doesn’t mean you can throw them in at the highest temperatures. Most drapes will need lower temperatures to protect the fibers and the colors.

Iron on the Reverse

The material on drapes will usually shine from the heat. That means ironing the front of drapes is a big no-no. Turn the drapes over and iron from the other side. Ironing will help not just to straighten the drapes, but make them look fuller and brighter when you hang them back up around your windows.

Make sure you care for your Escondido drapes. This will help make them last for the years to come and make sure they are worth the money you spend. You don’t have to go to a great deal of effort to make your drapes look good and ensure they remain protected from damage.

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