Should You Get Net or Linen Curtains in Fallbrook for Your Windows?

Having a sheer type of curtain in your home can be useful. You get to manage glare but not reduce the light. Now the question is whether net or linen curtains in Fallbrook will be right for you.

There isn’t a wrong or right answer to this. Sometimes it’s just personal choice but it can also depend on your décor and your wants for your window treatments.

Hanging with Drapes of Curtains in Fallbrook

There are high chances that you’re looking at a secondary layer against your windows. Both net and linen curtains work well with other types of curtains and drapes. You’ll want to think of coloring and patterns, but overall, you have a good mixture of treatments to texture your windows.

One thing to consider is how the secondary curtains will hang. Most net curtains hand within the window frame, whereas linen curtains will hang on a pole. The latter means you need two poles to hang the linen and the main curtains.

Do you want to faff around with the two poles? If not, you may find net curtains in Fallbrook are the best option for you.

Constant Privacy with Net Curtains

One of the great things about net curtains is you can hang and forget. They’ll need removing now and then for washing, but overall, you have something that you can just hang up and not worry about moving.

While you can see out, people can see in through the net curtains in Fallbrook. You gain constant privacy throughout the day and night, unlike with linen curtains.

Sure, you can always keep your linen curtains closed, but the sheer material will block your view out, too. You may want to open the curtains now and then, especially towards the end of the day when there isn’t as much light coming into the home. This opens the whole window.

Linen Curtains Offer More UV Protection

Net curtains look good, but they’re not as practical as linen curtains. With a beautiful set of linen curtains in Fallbrook, you gain more UV protection. The light material doesn’t allow as many UV rays to shine through the window and into the home. Not only is it a barrier but it’s a good reflective surface.

Your whole home is protected from the harmful rays. Other curtains and drapes don’t take the brunt of the rays, with the linen acting more as a lining for your curtains. The furniture and your walls are protected from sun damage and fading. Net curtains can offer some of this, but the holes within the netting allow some of the rays to shine through.

At the same time, you get something that reflects light everywhere. You gain a look of larger space in a smaller room. Then there’s the heating benefits from material without holes. The extra pole may be worthwhile.

What do you want to gain from your window treatments? That’s something to consider before you choose a set of net or linen curtains in Fallbrook.

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