Should You Get Exterior or Interior Plantation Shutters in Cardiff?

While most Cardiff plantation shutters are for the inside of the home, there are still many exterior options. Both types of shutters offer a variety of benefits. They also work slightly differently and can offer different downsides. It’s time to look at the pros and cons of each to find the right option for your home.

Exterior Plantation Shutters

The pros:

Exterior plantation shutters in Cardiff offer protection for the outside of your home. In a storm, your shutters will take most of the battering, so your windows are protected. This can help to minimize the damage inside your home when the winds are high. You’ll reduce the risk of broken glass and flooding.

At the same time, you’ll make it harder for burglars to break in. They don’t know if there’s someone in the house when the shutters are closed. Shutters work as barriers to getting through the windows. Would-be burglars are more likely to move on from your home, helping you save money on your home insurance as you’re a lower risk.

The cons:

Exterior Cardiff plantation shutters can be high maintenance. You’ll need to regularly clean the dirt that collects to help protect the hinges and the material. They can also be more costly, since you need to make sure the paint and material are protective against the elements.

Closing and opening the shutters can be a pain for some. If you have mobility issues, you can find it hard to use the shutters effectively throughout the day.

Interior Shutters for Your Home

The pros:

Shutters on the inside of your home are much easier to manage and use. It’s possible to move into each room and close one by one without the use of ladders. You can also motorize them if you wish to spend the extra money, making it easier to open and close them.

There are still many of the same benefits when it comes to burglars. While they’re not as visible from a distance, you minimize the risk to your home. At the same time, you add features and beauty to the rooms in your home, while offering heating and cooling benefits. It’s possible to use the slats to direct UV rays to minimize the heating and damage effects, while also closing completely to keep heat the right side of the shutters.

The cons:

The biggest downside is that you don’t get the outside protection with interior plantation shutters in Cardiff. Your windows remain the first thing the elements hit, which could lead to some broken glass. However, well-made shutters can at least help to minimize the damage if the windows are broken.

Which type of shutter will you get for your home? Exterior shutters certainly offer a number of protective benefits, but you could find you get more use out of your interior Cardiff plantation shutters. There’s no wrong or right answer. You just need to decide while benefits are more important to you.

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