Permanent or Temporary Window Coverings in San Marcos?

There are so many types of window coverings in San Marcos to choose from. While you’re looking at all the light and heating benefits you can gain, one thing you may have overlooked is the permanence of the coverings. Do you opt for permanent options like shutters or choose temporary window treatments like roller shades?

 The answer is going to depend on a few factors about you and your home. Here’s a look at the type that will work the best for you.

 You Rent Your Home

 If you’re renting, you’ll want to choose temporary window coverings in San Marcos. While you want to put shutters up, you’re not going to gain the full benefits possible. There are high chances you’ll move in a few years, and you’ll end up leaving the shutters behind.

 While you could try to take the shutters with you, there’s the downside many permanent window fixtures being custom made. How do you know they’ll fit your new windows? Plus, you’ll leave marks behind where the shutters were placed, so you end up paying for damages or having to make good the holes.

 It’s a lot of work for the permanent fixtures. When you rent, temporary window treatments are going to be better for you.

 Temporary Window Coverings in San Marcos When You Own

 Sometimes, it’s going to be better to get a temporary set of window treatments even when you own your home. There are a few reasons you may decide on this. 

The first is that you want to save up for the custom made permanent solutions. You still need some privacy and light benefits while you do that, so something temporary like curtains or shades work well in this case. You don’t need the long-term benefits for the time being and just want something cheap and quick.

 Another reason to get temporary solutions when you own is because you’re not planning to stay for too long. When you get permanent window coverings in San Marcos, you want to get at least 10 years worth of benefits. Then you’ll add the value to your home when you sell. If you’re planning on a five-year home, temporary will be better.

 Permanent Solutions for Your Forever Home

 So, when should you get the permanent options? It’s all about your forever home. These window treatments are designed to last, usually for 20 years or so. You want to get your full money’s worth out of them.

 If you know you’re going to stay in a place for a few decades (maybe it’s finally the home you’ve dreamt of and even had built for you) then you’ll want to create it into the space that is most financially beneficial for you. Permanent window coverings in San Marcos won’t need too much maintenance, but they’ll save you money on your utility bills and you’ll add value when it does come to selling your home.

 There are window coverings in San Marcos for everyone. Whether you rent or own, you’ll find a treatment for you. Just start by knowing whether you want something temporary or permanent.

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