How to Tell If Your Window Curtains in Vista Need Replacing

Your Vista window curtains just don’t look as good as they used to. You’ve tried everything but they just don’t seem to brighten up or offer all the benefits they used to. Your curtains will decay over time. The material fibers weaken and the curtains suffer from sun damage. But how do you know the curtains need replacing or just a good wash? Here are four signs that your curtains need replacing.

Washing Hasn’t Brightened Them Up in the Past

When was the last time you washed your window curtains in Vista? How did they look afterwards? You can be honest with yourself about this. Chances are your curtains have looked dull for some time. The last wash did nothing to bring back that just-like-new look.

You can test this by washing them again if you want. See how much brighter they look with a good wash. If you still don’t get that like-new appearance, it’s definitely time to look for a new set of curtains.

You Can See Sunlight Come Through

When you close the curtains, what do you see? Do you see more light coming through the material than you use to? Over time the fibers weaken. The material will start to disintegrate due to the sun and heat damage. The material doesn’t just look thinner than it used to. It actually is thinner.

More sun light will shine through the curtains. You’ll also get more light from headlights and street lamps through your window. This can also affect the amount of light that shows from your home, making it easier for people to see if you’re in or out. While you could repair your Vista window curtains, it’s usually best just replacing them.

You’re Not Seeing the Same Energy Bill Benefits

With the material wearing away, you don’t just let more light through. More air will get through the material. One of the biggest benefits of window curtains in Vista is to your energy bills. The material will help to prevent too much heat escaping during the winter and too much heat coming into the home in the summer.

As the material breaks down, you may find your home heats or cools quicker than before. You need to use your HVAC system more often throughout the year, causing an increase in your energy bills. Apart from adding a lining to the curtains, the only way to solve this problem is by buying a new set for the window. Buying a new set will help to save more time and money, as eventually the curtains will need replacing anyway.

They Just Feel and Look Tired

You may just be fed up of the same curtains staring back at you. One of the best reasons to buy new window curtains in Vista is because you want to. This could be to match a new decor or because the current curtains just feel tired and old. You want to bring new life into your room.

Don’t be afraid to admit this is the reason for replacing your curtains. Allow your personality to shine through your window coverings and you’ll be happier with your rooms.

Do your Vista window curtains need replacing? The above four signs are certainly some of the most common reasons to replace them. You can sometimes repair, but do you really want to spend the extra money when replacing is quicker and easier?

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