How to Prevent Your Honeycomb Shades in San Marcos from Looking Dated

While there are many benefits to having San Marcos honeycomb shades, they can also cause a room to look dated. They often create a 70s or 80s vintage look, which is great if that’s what you want. However, if you want a modern space, you want the benefits without the antique downside. Is there anything you can do to avoid your honeycomb shades looking dated? Here are a few ideas.

It’s All About the Material

Think about the material of your shades. If you want to avoid the dated look, you need to opt for modern day styles and appearances. Instead of the thinner materials, opt for thicker options.

These will also offer practical benefits. Thicker shades will make it harder for the heat to escape, creating a warmer living space.

You’ll also want to think about the look and feel of the material. What’s the first thought you get when you look at the shades in the store? If the material makes you screen 1980s retro, then you’ll want to look for something else.

Think About the Color Scheme

Honeycomb shades in San Marcos come in all types of colors and styles. You want to look for those that scream modern-day appearances. The coloring will give the appearance of a dated room.

Burnt orange, light yellows and some browns can give your guests the feeling of stepping back in time. Even if you have a room that looks modern everywhere else, the shades will disrupt that feeling. You’re reminding them of the past.

Work with current interests and design ideas. If you’re really struggling with a color to start, opt for white and creams. They don’t just look fresh and up to date, but they will also make the rest of the décor in the home much easier.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Once you’ve chosen your San Marcos honeycomb shades, you’ll want to consider ways to prevent the dating appearance. This means performing maintenance. You’ll want to regularly clean your shades, to keep them bright and clear.

If you’re a smoker, don’t smoke in the rooms with the shades. It’s worth taking your smoking outside anyway. The tar and smoke will stain your paint work, wood work and your shades. You end up with a yellow tinge and sometimes that can turn into brown spots. The coloring disrupts the initial crisp white shades you opted for, making your shades look worn and old.

Dust and oils can also lead to staining on the shades. Make sure you routinely protect the material to avoid problems in the future.

Your honeycomb shades in San Marcos don’t need to look old. Take the time to think about how the shades make you feel before you buy. If you get the feeling of stepping back in time then that’s how your guests will feel when they see them. After that, you’ll need to look after your shades. Not only will they stop aging, but they’ll last longer and offer more benefits in the long term.

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