How to Keep Your Home Warm with Curtains in San Marcos

You’ve heard that San Marcos curtains offer far more than lighting benefits. One of the major benefits is to the heating of your home. Depending on the material, it’s possible to block some of the heat escaping your home, adding insulation around the windows. But you need to use the curtains effectively and get the right type. Here’s all you need to know about keeping your home warm with your curtains.

Make Sure They’re Thermal

Many people get any type of curtain, only to find they don’t have all the insulation benefits they’d hoped. You want to think about the thermal lined curtains in San Marcos. Yes, they are going to be slightly more expensive, but you will save in terms of heating bills.

Thermal curtains have extra layers. They trap more heat from escape through the poorly insulated windows. These types of curtains also tend to look more luxurious, creating the emotional feeling of being warmer in the home.

As the curtains are thicker, they will create a darker effect. You’ll gain more lighting benefits on a night.

Don’t Forget the Doors

While you’ve covered all your windows, the heat is escaping from another part of your home: the door. Doors are an issue because of the gaps underneath and around the sides. Whether the room doors or the front door, you’re losing considerably more heat than you initially think. You’ll be surprised at the benefits of door curtains.

Make sure the curtains cover the whole door, from top to bottom. They are more effective than draught excluders, since curtains prevent the heat escaping from the top and sides as well as the bottom.

Like with your windows, opt for thermal San Marcos curtains. This will help to add the thicker lining to create more insulation around this part of the home.

Use the Curtains Every Night

Before you turn the heating off on a night, close the curtains. This will help them gather some of the heat and prevent loss throughout the night. Even if you’re not using a room on a night, use the curtains. You feel warmer throughout the night and not have to use the heating for as long on a morning.

During the day, consider some net curtains. This won’t help to block all the heat escaping through the day, but can help to manage some. Plus you get an extra layer on a night as the heat starts to escape.

Studies show that the best temperature for your home is between 16 and 18C. However, everyone is different. Thermal curtains used at the right times will help you get the best protection for the whole family.

It’s time to consider curtains in San Marcos for your heating benefits. Don’t just pick up any set of window treatments. Look for those that will offer extra insulation around your windows and doors. This is the best way to save money in the long term.

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