How to Coordinate Your Encinitas Curtains Colors with Your Wall Color

Getting curtains in Encinitas is more than just picking up the first ones you find in your budget. It’s also more than just picking up your favorite color or the color you think your children will love. You need to match the whole decor in the room the curtains will hang in. Coordinating with your wall color is essential.

The good news is that it’s much easier than you would initially think. You can also have a lot of fun through the use of coloring in your walls to manipulate the feelings people have when they’re in the room.

Use the Exact Same Color

One of the easiest options is to opt for the exact same color Encinitas curtains as your wall color. Opt for a slight variation on the shade. Opt for a brighter red on your deep red walls. Try soft creams against your white walls. The curtains will stand out against the walls, but still match and blend together. You avoid the risk of clashing colors.

You can also choose to paint one wall a different color to the others. For example, a focal wall with a fireplace can be painted red, while the rest of the walls are white or cream. You’ll have two choices for your curtain color then. Opt for red if you want to match the focal wall or the same color as the other walls to blend in.

When you have patterned wall paper, pick one color within the wall color. Match that to help that color stand out.

Go for Contrasting Colors

Alternatively, you can opt for contrasting colors of curtains compared to your walls. Go for the total opposites to help the curtains stand out.

For example, white walls can work well with black, dark blue, or deep grey curtains in Encinitas. If you have darker colored walls, white or cream curtains will work well. You help to bring a focal point into the room, rather than blending everything together. The windows are dressed beautifully, ready to draw attention to them.

You can do this by mixing different colors, but this usually works when you have a neutral color somewhere in the mix. If your walls are colored, you’ll want to opt for black or white curtains rather than another color to contrast.

Opt for Complimentary Colors

Try out a few complimentary colors. You will bring more life to your room by doing this. It’s a fun way to add more personality to a den or a bedroom.

If you have hints of blue in the room, try orange curtains. Likewise, green wallpaper can work well with yellow.

This is an excellent option if you have pattered wallpaper or a couple of different colored paints. You can choose one shade to work together with, avoiding too much clashing.

If you have plain walls, you can always opt for patterned Encinitas curtains instead. Something in the pattern will need to compliment the color of the walls to help them match.

Are you ready to coordinate your walls with your curtains in Encinitas? You don’t just need to opt for boring shades if you don’t want. Make your curtains stand out so they dress your window and scream for attention for the right reasons.

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