How to Choose Fabric for Your Carlsbad Roller Shades

Now that you’ve decided on roller shades in Carlsbad for your home, it’s time to look at your different options. Roller shades come in a variety of fabrics, each offer their own pros and cons. Just which one is the best for you? Here’s a look at your options to help you decide.

What’s Your Aim from the Blinds?

Carlsbad roller shades come in thick and thin materials. The fabrics offer a range of benefits when it comes to light control. You’ll need to consider exactly what you need from your shades to help you choose.

For example, if you want to block out all daylight for a nursery or toddler’s room, thicker, blackout roller shades will be the better option. They can create a look of night in the room whatever the time of day. Lighter and thinner materials can lead to some daylight seeping through.

If your aim is to block out glare but allow some natural light in your home, you’ll want to consider the thinner fabrics. Solar roller shades can be beneficial for this, especially in a conservatory, dining room, or living room. These thinner fabrics will also help to offer more privacy without plunging your home in darkness.

What’s Your Current Decor?

Your roller shades in Carlsbad should complement the decor of the home. If you are already working from a blank palette you will have a lot more choice in terms of fabric, color and style. However, if you already have a style and decor within the home, make sure you choose something that works with that.

For example, a room with bold and loud colors will benefit from either a plain white/cream shade or something that integrates those colors in. You can get shades with bright floral or geometric patterns embroidered or painted on.

Alternatively, if your home has a vintage style, you will want to get a shade that works with that. You may find that older, thicker fabrics are much better.

How Much Heat Control Do You Want?

There is also the question of heat control. After all, window treatments don’t just offer privacy and light control. Do you want a roller shade that will help to keep your home hot in the winter and cool in the summer? If so, you’re going to need a fabric thickness that doesn’t allow too much to pass through it.

While thinner fabrics can help, they’re not as effective. However, you may want to look into roller shades with a honeycomb style. These can help to lock in the heat within their two layers of material. In the winter, the heat can end up back into the room or at least is prevented from escaping. In the summer, the heat through the windows doesn’t make its way into the room as easily.

The fabric you choose will depend on your exact needs for your Carlsbad roller shades. Make sure you put together a list of needs and wants. These will help you answer the above questions and share your needs with the customer support when you shop. You’re guaranteed to get shades that work exactly to your preferences.

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