How Do Cordless Blinds in San Marcos Work?

While cordless blinds in San Marcos are considered the safest option for your home, there’s the fear that they’re not the most practical. After all, it’s the cords that make your blinds easier to open and close. You can tug or twist and you have full use of any type of blind you have.

So, how do the cordless window treatments work? What do you need to know? This will depend on the type of blind you have and here are the most popular.

Motorized Cordless Blinds in San Marcos

A growing popular type of window covering is the motorized options. You can get a range of styles and colors. This is a chance to make your blinds fit your décor perfectly without thinking of the practicality.

Yes, there is the extra cost. This is something that puts people off but you need to think of the long term benefits. You’re not going to pull on the material so it usually lasts for much longer.

Motorized cordless blinds are easy to use. With a push of a button they move up and down. There’s no need to get up and you can make them “smart” so they connect to your smart phone and you get more use.

Cordless Blinds in a Frame

You can get some cordless blinds in San Marcos that sit within the window frame. You’re placed on a runner, so you just slide the blinds up and down, as if you’re sliding windows or doors. These types of blinds tend to cost the least out of all cordless features, so they’re definitely worth considering.

These blinds do come in a variety of styles. However, cellular shades are among the most popular because of the style and benefits.

To move the blinds, you press a button at the bottom of the shade. This releases the catches and allows you to move the blind up and down. You may be limited on where the catches lock in place in the frame. It’s possible to get top-down and bottom-up shades, which helps to offer more functionality.

Pull and Lock Blinds

If you don’t want to set up the in-frame setup, you’ll want to look at cordless blinds in San Marcos that pull and lock in place. These are similar to your visors in the back of a car to block the sun from shining through to your children.

You just pull the blind down and it automatically locks in place. To open, you can have two options. Some will have a button at the top to press and release the lock. With others, you’ll need to pull the blind down a little to unhook the lock and then allow it to slide back up.

These types of blinds come in a range of styles. You can get something that works for your exact needs in your home.

There are so many types of blinds that, naturally, it can be time consuming to choose a style. Jump straight to cordless blinds in San Marcos and you’ll cut out some of the choices. Now you just have to choose the type that works for you.

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