Encinitas Roller Shades vs. Roman Shades: What’s the Big Difference?

You’ve started looking for shade options for your home. You know you want shades, but you’ve just realized that are so many different names for them. Roman shades and roller shades in Encinitas are likely your two favored options on a low budget, but you just can’t tell the difference between them. Here’s a look at the big differences to help you choose the best one for your home.

Roman Shades Don’t Roll Up

The name “roller” should give you an idea of the things to expect in the window covering. These types of shades roll up. They sit on a roller that moves, as if you were rolling the aluminum foil or kitchen roll back up on the middle section. Roman shades don’t do this.

Instead, roman shades pull up. They can stack or cascade, depending on the style that you can, creating a beautiful look at the top of your windows.

Other than this, the two types of shades can be very similar in nature. They both open and close and are mostly made of fabric. You can also buy both corded or cordless options, helping to protect the whole family.

Roman Shades Can Offer More Heating Benefits

Because of the way the roman shades open, you can find that they offer more heating benefits. The fabric can be thicker since it doesn’t have to roll on top of each other the way Encinitas roller shades do. There’s no fear of the material becoming too thick for the depth of your window frame. These are perfect for those with slimmer windows that you still want to dress beautifully.

The extra thickness offers the heating benefits. When the heat in the room tries to escape through the window, the thicker blinds will capture it and push it back into the room. Thinner roller shades in Encinitas can lead to the heat escaping through the fabric and then through the window.

Even when the roman shades are open, you can get some of the heating benefits. The roller shades will sit at the very top, whereas cascading roman shades will hang a little lower. There’s less space in the window for the heat to escape.

Roller Shades Aren’t as Easy to Motorize

While you can get motorized roller shades in Encinitas, it’s not as easy to get them. Roman shades are far more popular, whether they stack or cascade at the top. These types of shades tend to be cheaper to install.

Of course, if you don’t want to worry about motorization, roller shades tend to be the cheapest shades overall. They require no specialist skills or knowledge to place in the window and are easy to make to keep the costs down.

Choosing your shades is more than just picking a color. You need to choose the type of shades. Look at your options of Encinitas roller shades and roman shades to choose the one that suits your home the most.

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