Do Roman Blinds in San Marcos Work for French Windows?

There are so many different types of blinds available for your French windows and doors. San Marcos roman blinds are just one potential option, but are they a realistic option? It’s time to look at all the pros and cons of roman blinds for your style of windows and whether they’re right for your exact needs.

They Fit Within the Panes

You can get custom-made roman blinds in San Marcos. This certainly offers the benefit of fitting within the panes of your French doors and windows. Even if you don’t want custom-made options (such as due to the expense), you can find beautiful roman blinds that will fit into most of these types of doors and windows. The blinds are commonly made to fit into the panes because of other benefits.

Don’t Get in the Way of Handles

Other types of blinds and shades can cause problems for your French doors and windows. Venetian blinds tend to swing out and the slats can get caught in the handles. Vertical shades work the wrong way for the panes and curtains get in the way of opening your doors and windows. Roller and solar shades tend to be the only other good option.

However, San Marcos roman blinds offer that cascading effect at the top. While remaining out of the way of your handles, the style at the top adds more beauty for the doors. You can complement the style of the woodwork and the character the doors and windows create in your home.

Effective at a Low Cost

Roman blinds are one of the types of window treatments for a budget, without looking like you’ve spent little money. The material is fabric and the items are so easy to make that they don’t cost a lot to create, so the savings are passed onto you. Custom-made blinds tend to cost more, but they are still more affordable than some other treatments.

At the same time, the blinds are effective. San Marcos roman blinds will keep the glare out during the day but can avoid blocking all the light out if you don’t want. They work easily and you can even motorize them if you want.

Suffer from Sun Damage

The biggest downside to roman blinds is the material they’re made of. While affordable, the material suffers from the sun damage. The UV rays lead to bleached spots forming and can affect the durability of the material. You can end up replacing the roman shades more often than many others. This happens with many other blinds of the same material.

If you want roman shades but avoid the sun damage, consider lighter colors. These colors don’t absorb all the light, helping to minimize the sun effect.

Are you looking for the perfect treatments for your French doors and windows? Roman blinds in San Marcos can be a beautiful option, especially if you’re looking for something on a low budget that doesn’t look it.

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