Do Child Safe Blinds in San Marcos Mean Boring Blackout Shades?

When you hear the term child safe blinds, you can initially get the picture of blackout shades with no cords. You know they’re a necessity safety feature in any nursery, but you don’t want to sacrifice style. The great thing about San Marcos child safe blinds is that they don’t need to be boring blackout shades if you don’t want. Here are a few beautiful cordless blinds.

Blinds with Child-Friendly Patterns

One of the most popular options for blinds in a child’s room are those with child-friendly patterns. Kids love bright colors. The shades help with eye development and interest. It is possible to get child-friendly blinds with bright colors, patterns, and awesome cartoons.

Many of these blinds are blackout blinds in nature, despite not being made of dark material. It’s the thickness of the material that makes them blackout blinds, helping to not just create a child safe space around the windows but also practical use within the nursery or kid’s bedroom.

Blinds of All Styles Available

Roller child safe blinds in San Marcos are available, but they’re not the only options. You can get blinds of all styles with a child safety focus. Many companies are making venetian blinds, slat blinds, and honeycomb blinds. They all come in a variety of styles and colors, making it easy to gain the exact décor for the room.

These different types of blinds make the child safe features friendly for all rooms. You don’t need to sacrifice style for child safety in the dining room. There’s no need to hang giraffe and elephant blinds designed for the kid’s bedroom in the living room, making it clear you have children in the house.

Some stores have stopped selling any products that aren’t child friendly or safe. This means manufacturers have had to adapt with their offerings. They now offer a range of styles suitable for homes with children to ensure they remain viable competition. You have all the same options as before but without the looped cords.

You Can Still Bring Light into the Home

What about when you want net blinds or solar shades? These are also available as San Marcos child safe blinds. There are a variety of styles available, but they all offer a major benefit. They’re light, allowing more daylight to shine into the room. While the light shines through, the glare disappears. It’s possible to protect against sun rot on the furniture, and you don’t have to worry about the danger to your children.

Not all child safe blinds in San Marcos get rid of all cords. They remove the cords that are more likely to cause health hazards to children. This can mean they have a single plastic-covered fixture that pulls or twists to close the blinds. However, many blinds are now focused on cordless, meaning they work on locking or mechanical systems.

You can get San Marcos child safe blinds without sacrificing on style. There’s no need to hate the look of a room in your home. Now you just have to decide on the type of child safe window treatment you want to choose for each particular room.

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