Do Blackout Shades in Carlsbad Need to Be Black?

There’s a common misconception about Carlsbad blackout shades because of their name. Many people think they are limited to just the color black, which can disrupt the style and decor they want for the room. That is certainly not the case. Here’s a look at things to consider to make sure your blackout shades definitely block out the light.

You Can Choose Other Dark Colors

While black is certainly a useful color for blocking out the light, you don’t just need to choose black-colored blackout shades in Carlsbad. Opt for other dark colors instead.

Dark greys, dark blues, and even dark reds and purples can be beneficial. They all offer the benefit to keep the light from coming through the window. They will also make it easier to match the decor in the room.

Blackout shades are popular in kids’ rooms. You can opt for dark purple for a girl’s room to match other purples and lilacs around the decor. Dark blue will work well in a boy’s room to work with the racing car bed and the other blues that surround the room.

It’s All About the Material

Did you know you can also choose light colors for your Carlsbad blackout shades? Just because you want to block light from the room doesn’t mean you’re going to need dark colors. The material is the most important element of the window coverings.

Thick material will prevent the sunlight shine through. You can have a white shade made  with vinyl or dual-layered fabric and the light won’t be able to get through. Likewise, you can have a black shade with flimsy, solar shade material and you will let some light into the room throughout the day.

Consider the type of material your shades are going to be. You can have whatever color you want and any design on the fabric, as long as it’s the right thickness.

Even Slat Blinds Can Work

While roller blinds are often used as blackout shades in Carlsbad, they’re not necessary. You can get the same effect through the use of slat blinds. Again, it’s all about the material that you use. You want a material that is thick enough to prevent light to shine through.

It’s also about the way the blinds are made. Blinds where the slats cross over one another will help to prevent gaps in the blinds when closed. This will prevent light shining through when it’s unwanted.

Slat blinds come in all types of colors and designs. You can opt for vinyl in any color you want, metal for a futuristic style, or faux/real wood for a rustic style. It’s completely up to you.

Don’t just jump straight into buying black blinds for your blackout needs. They’re not necessarily going to do the trick. You want to make sure the style and material are right first. Thin material of any color isn’t going to help block out the light. Some beams are always going to get through.

Blackout shades in Carlsbad are excellent for bedrooms, dens, and other places that you want to block all light completely. You can opt for different colors, patterns, and unique images and still get the light blocking benefits. It’s time to add the style and character you want.

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