Best Types of Blackout Shades in Vista for Shift Workers

Working shifts can be a nightmare. While the rest of the world is awake, there are many times when you’re trying to sleep. But that’s not always the case, depending on how your shifts fall. When you are sleeping during the day, you need comfort and darkness. That means finding blackout shades in Vista.

 Gone are the days where you have to have dark and thick curtains to get the darkness you require. Of course, these are options, but you can also get lighter and thinner materials depending on the amount of darkness you want to achieve.

 So, which type of blackout shade is right for you as a shift worker? Here are the best options to look into.

 Multipurpose Window Coverings

 Start by looking at dual-purpose window treatments. You can get many shades that have two layers. The first is a light filtering layer, like a solar shade. Then in front of that is the material that acts as the blackout shades in Vista.

 Getting these multipurpose shades is perfect as a shift worker. You’re not always going to want to sleep during the day, depending on where your shifts fall. You don’t always need to cut out the light, but you do want to make your room more comfortable. The solar shade part will block out the UV rays to make the temperatures more reasonable and prevent the glare shining through.

 Meanwhile, you can pull the blackout shade part when you do need to sleep during the day. You get this win-win situation.

 Vinyl Roller Blackout Shades in Vista

 Another option is to look at installing vinyl roller shades instead of fabric ones. This is an excellent choice if you’re willing to spend a little extra money. The vinyl doesn’t look obvious or cheap, and it can end up saving you money in the long term.

 Vinyl is slightly thicker than the fabric roller shades. You can opt for lighter colors and beautiful patterns while blocking out all daylight effectively in the day. The material can also help to dampen some of the sound, which can be a problem during the day for shift workers trying to sleep.

 Work With Venetian Blinds

 The third best option for blackout shades in Vista is to work with venetian blinds (or shutters if you’re looking for a permanent solution). Venetian blinds will cost a little more than the shades mentioned above, but they offer some excellent light blocking benefits.

 When you’re not sleeping during the day, you can twist the slats so that they allow some light into the room. By twisting just right, you can reduce the glare in the home and keep the UV rays to a minimum. If you do want to allow all light in, you can open the blinds completely.

 If you do need to sleep during the day, you just close the slats. Whether you get aluminum, faux wood, or real wood, you create a barrier and prevent the light shining through.

 Shift workers need various requirements during the day. With the above blackout shades in Vista, you’ll find something that suits your exact circumstances.

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