Are Draperies in Cardiff Good for Kids’ Bedrooms?

Cardiff draperies tend to be the cheapest option for your window treatments. When you’re redecorating the kids’ bedrooms, the cost of new window coverings will play a part in making choices. However, could drapes be the best option for the rooms? Could you gain more benefits from shades or blinds? Here’s a look at the pros and cons of drapes for the kids’ bedrooms.

Pro: Heating and Lighting Benefits

Let’s get the biggest benefit out of the way of using drapes. Most drapes are thicker than curtains. They have layers, along with a protecting lining to protect the material from the UV rays. Thicker material offers two benefits: lighting and heating.

With draperies in Cardiff, you can get the blackout effect in the room. There’s no need to buy dark colors either. You can still op for pale blues, bright yellows, and more to get the feeling and personality into the room. The thickness also helps to keep the heat on the right side, keeping the room comfortable for babies and children to sleep.

Pro: Cost Effective

There’s no denying that cost is a major factor in choosing window coverings. Cardiff draperies are extremely low cost because they are so easy to make. You can put drapes in every room in the home for the same cost as one set of shutters.

If your child is likely to want new drapes in a few years or you are likely to move, you’ll want to consider drapes. Keep the costs to a minimum on the window treatments, so you can spend the money elsewhere.

Pro: Easy to Use

Your children will be able to use the drapes on a daily basis as they get older. This is perfect when you want them to gain more independence and control the heating and lighting in their own rooms. Other window treatments can be easy to use, but they’re not always easy to reach.

However, you will need to teach children to use the drapes carefully. This leads us to a downside.

Con: Can Fall Down Easily

Draperies in Cardiff are installed in one of two ways. One of the most common, especially when renting, is through a pressure bar. If the drapes are pulled on too much, the bar can dislodge and fall down. This can be dangerous for your children. When you have younger children that don’t understand the dangers or those that like to jump around a lot in their rooms, you may want to consider blinds or shutters that aren’t caught as easily.

Con: Deteriorate Quickly

Due to the low cost, the drapes aren’t as durable as other options. This is something to consider when you want to keep the window treatments up for the whole childhood. There are more permanent fixtures if you want them.

Cardiff draperies can be perfect for your home. It’s time to consider them for kids’ bedrooms as they’re easy to use and can create the blackout effect for sleep.

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