5 Top Benefits of Roller Shades

Looking through your window covering options, you’ve likely come across a range of roller shade options. Now you want to know if they’re worth the money. Here are some of the benefits of roller shades to help you get the right type of window coverings for your Encinitas home.

Maintenance Takes Minutes a Week

Don’t worry about taking your blinds down constantly to clean them. Roller shades are designed for easy maintenance. You just need to quickly dust them down and possibly use a vacuum cleaner on them every week or so. Your maintenance is done within minutes.

Every month you’ll want to do a deeper clean. This will be the time to get into the roller mechanism. Dust will build up in here. Proper maintenance will help to keep your roller shades working properly.

There Are Different Styles and Colors

Fitting in with your current décor is easy. There are various styles and colors to choose from. The only décor that may be difficult to fit in with is a rustic style. However, this is a style/décor that is difficult for a lot of window coverings to match.

It’s not all about the decors that the styles and colors will work with. There is something that matches all personalities. Need to find a roller shade that will work with your love of pink? Not a problem. Want something that works in a kid’s bedroom? You will quickly find something that works out.

They’re Affordable for All Budgets

Roller shades are among the least expensive options for window coverings. This is because they are so easy to maintain and make.

There are some more expensive options. They tend to have higher quality materials or will have cordless functions. There is a move into cordless features as they are safer for children and pets. In fact, some stores will no longer sell corded roller shade options.

They’re Easy to Use

With some blinds, you spend time figuring out which cord to pull to close them and how to get the slats to sit the right way. That isn’t an issue with roller shades. These types of blinds are extremely easy to use. You simple pull on the cord or the blind to get it in place.

The only tricky part is figuring out how the cordless options work. Some will pull down on an angle to release back up while others have a button on the side. Once you’ve figured it out, you’ll know for next time!

It’s time to look for window covering options that work with your décor and suit your needs for your windows in your Encinitas home. Roller shades are definitely worth your consideration. Your Budget Blinds Style Consultant can help you find the right option at the right price for you!

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