5 Awesome San Marcos Window Coverings for Your Kitchen

It’s time to redecorate the kitchen. That means looking at window coverings in San Marcos and finding the ones that will be best for your needs. Not all styles of blinds and window treatments work for this room, but you still want the full benefits of all. Here are five awesome coverings for this important room in the house.

Stick with Roman Shades

One of the most popular treatment options for the kitchen is a roman shade or two. Roman shades are classic, beautiful, and work for all decors. While they’re fabric, the heat and moisture in the kitchen isn’t usually too bad to cause a problem. Plus you can always open a window without worrying too much about neighbors seeing something they shouldn’t (like with bathrooms).

Using roman shades as your San Marcos window coverings will also help to keep the costs down. Because they are so popular and easy to make, they’re among the cheapest options when it comes to blinds. Yet they don’t look cheap, helping to make your kitchen windows talking points for all the right reasons.

Go Rustic with Woven Wood

How about going a little rustic in your kitchen? Woven wood shades are absolutely beautiful and create a more neutral look in the room. However, they stand out in ways that no other treatments could. They help to add that low-cost look and work with almost all appliances in the kitchen.

The only look they don’t work with is a futuristic look. However, woven wood will help you get a balance between nature and fun within your room. They can come as a roller blind or roman shades depending on your preferences.

Try Out Wood or Faux Wood Blinds

Really want to go for the outdoors or country effect? It’s all about the wood blinds. While wood can be expensive, you can opt for faux wood instead. They are durable and work perfectly for heated, moist rooms. You’ll not have to deal with mold growth at all, as long as you clean them regularly.

Wood and faux wood are two window coverings in San Marcos that work for all decors. You can keep them plain for a rustic style, add colors, and even work with patterns. You’ll be surprised at the way they help to create character in your home.

Opt for Good Old Roller Shades

After roman shades, roller shades tend to be the next most popular option. They’re cheap and extremely easy to use. Of course, you get the same benefits as roman shades with colors and styles to work for any décor.

What’s the difference between roman and roller shades? It’s all about the way they work. Roman shades will often pleat or stack, while roller shades do as the name suggests: they roll up.

You can easily go cordless with roller shades if you want. However, this will depend on the layout of your kitchen.

Splash Out with Shutters

Finally, it’s all about the shutters. They make beautiful and artistic San Marcos window coverings. You can buy wood, faux wood, or even metal shutters. They also come in a variety of styles, whether you want plantation shutters, cottage-style shutters or even little café shutters.

You get to let plenty of light in but control the direction of the glare. The downside is the cost. Shutters tend to be the most expensive options available, but for good reason.

Now it’s up to you. The five options for window coverings in San Marcos are definitely beautiful for any kitchen. You’ll just need to decide on budget and style you want.

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