4 Ways to Use Draperies in Vista for Your Guest Bedroom

Your guest bedroom needs to be inviting and homely. The idea is to make your guests feel welcome and relaxed while visiting. Your window coverings will play a part in this. If you have Vista draperies, you may be worried about looking vintage and not in a good way. Here are four ways to use your drapes to make your guest bedroom warm and inviting.

Use Warming Colors

Think about the color scheme of the room. Most people will opt for more neutral bases, especially with bed sheets and paintwork. You just have no idea who is going to visit at times and you want to create a space welcoming for all. But your drapes don’t have to be plain and boring.

If you’re going to use colors for your drapes, make them warm and inviting colors. Soft oranges and yellows are perfect. They add a ray of sunshine to the rooms to help them stand out beautifully. You can continue this color scheme with throws, cushions, and ornaments.

White is a good neutral color, but can cause a clinic feel. Opt for some floral patterns or designs within the blinds, such as sunflowers growing from the bottom, to create that warm, inviting feeling.

Add a Second Window Treatment

Draperies in Vista look beautiful, but don’t have them as the only option. The problem with drapes is they’re an all or nothing approach to the sun. You either block out all light or let all the light in. You can easily get around this with a second option.

Add some plantation shutters, café shutters or even blinds to the window. Slat blinds look beautiful, but solar blinds will also work a treat. Solar blinds are transparent enough to keep the light in the room. Your guests get an option to make their room darker on a night, too, since they can use both treatments together.

Make Them Wall Art

Your draperies in Vista don’t just have to be used for window treatments. They also make beautiful wall art. Use them to frame some artwork or place up along the whole of a single wall. This is a create way to add a specific pattern or design if you choose to work with non-plain drapes.

This is also a good way to cover up poor plastering jobs or unfinished paintwork in the guest room. Make sure the drapes are pinned in place and can’t be opened to avoid embarrassment.

Create a Light Divided

Is your guest room larger for families? Maybe it’s more of a living space or studio style room, so there’s a sitting area and bed area separate. Use drapes to create a divided for the room.

You’ll want to avoid making this look like a hospital bed. This means thinking about the material and style. It needs to work with the rest of the décor in the room and remain thicken enough for privacy but not too thick to feel like it’s shutting off the whole room.

Vista draperies are beautiful additions to guest bedrooms. They help to add character and style, creating the atmosphere you want in the room. Follow the above tips and you’ll have people wanting to stay in your guest room in the future.

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