4 Top Benefits of Motorized Shades from Lutron in Encinitas

Have you considered about going completely cordless with your shades? This can open the possibility of investing in motorized shades. Encinitas Lutron shades are highly beneficial for all individuals, making them certainly worth the consideration and plan to save money for them. Here’s a look at the top four benefits of adding motorized shades to your home.

No Need to Reach Up High

One of the downsides of some shades is the need to reach up high. Whether you’re just short or you struggle to move around the home, the last thing you want is to feel like you can’t get the full use out of your shades. You’re fed up of having to pull out chairs or wait for someone else to pull the shades down for you.

Motorized shades take out that issue. There’s no need to reach up for anything. It’s possible to close the blinds with just a click of the button. All you’ll need to do is make sure your controller for the shades is easy to reach. Some people will have a remote control like their controller for the TV and others will put it on the wall to the room. Either one is up to you, but will affect the budget.

Smart Controllers for Easier Use

One option becoming a possibility with Lutron in Encinitas is to connect to your smart phone. More blinds are wireless, meaning you don’t need to connect through wires in the home. This opens the ability to connect in a smart way, through the internet. You can control everything from a push of a button on your smart phone.

There are high chances that you have your phone with you at all times. Even if you’re not constantly checking Facebook or texting people, it’s a safety thing. You can control your shades wherever you are, as long as your phone is there.

Control Multiple Blinds at the Same Time

Right now you have to go into each individual room that you want to close the blinds in. This can be a struggle if you’re not exactly mobile. This is another area that motorized shades come in use. There’s no need to move from room to room. With many blinds you can now control all from one remote control. With a click of the button you can close every blind in the home.

This is a great way to offer more privacy on a night. People won’t see you at the window, which takes out the fear of someone watching you for timings and actions. You’ll also have more freedom to do things around one room, since you save time no longer moving from room to room.

No More Corded Blinds

Encinitas Lutron motorized blinds take out the need for corded blinds. This will put your whole family’s health first. Corded blinds have gained a bad reputation for their danger. It’s common for children to get their heads stuck through the cords and that can lead to them choking without you ever realizing.

The motorized blinds have no need for cords. You control it all through your remote. So you can opt for cordless features to keep everyone in the home protected.

It’s time to consider Lutron in Encinitas for your motorized shades. They are highly beneficial for your home, especially if you struggle with mobility.

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