4 Things to Consider Before Buying Patio Blinds in San Marcos

If you have large patio doors, there are chances you’ll want blinds. San Marcos patio blinds can look beautiful and offer all the same benefits as window blinds. However, they’re not all perfect for your home. Before you even think about buying blinds for the doors, make sure you take these factors into consideration.

Make Sure They’re for Patio Doors

You can’t just buy any blinds for your doors. The best thing to do is buy something specifically designed for patio doors. And you can’t just work with patio blinds in San Marcos in general. You’ll need to find something that works for the exact type of door you have. Consider the way the door opens and the placement of handles.

If you get roller patio shades for sliding doors, the blinds get in the way of the door use. They end up being decorative covers for the top of the doors rather than useable throughout the year. Likewise, vertical patio blinds will catch on French door handles.

Consider Distance from the Handles

Many blinds are around 1 inch in thickness. You need at least that distance from the patio door window and the handle to make sure the blinds fit in seamlessly. Measure the distance to make sure the door is suitable for a patio blind.

There are workarounds. You could consider customized patio blinds in San Marcos for rounded door handles. These could have a slight cut-out at the height of the door handle to fit around it, making your door useable even when you have the blinds closed. The downside to this is your blinds will only be suitable for these doors. You can’t interchange them without spending extra money.

Working with Hold-Down Brackets

When you open and close your patio doors, the blinds will swing. This happens whether the blinds are pulled down or sitting in the open position. Consider investing in hold-down brackets. They are placed within the door and lock the patio blinds in place easily, without damaging the blinds.

You’ll just have to make sure everyone in the house is aware of the blinds. Ensure they use the brackets properly to avoid ripping your blinds.

Two-Way Blinds for Long Doors

If you have high doors with windows, you’ll want to consider two-way blinds. These can open from the top or bottom, allowing you to let light in at the top of your doors without affecting the privacy in your home.

The two-way blinds can also work for sliding doors. It’s possible to open and close from either side, getting full use of your sliding patio doors on a regular basis. The downside is there will always be part of the blind in the way, which could affect the enjoyment of your home.

San Marcos patio blinds can be extremely beneficial for the home. They look beautiful and offer privacy when you most need it. Don’t just jump in and buy a set, though. Make sure your blinds work perfectly for your home and the style of door you have.

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