4 Reasons to Get Interior Shutters in Encinitas

Are you still struggling to decide on the types of window treatments you should get for your home? While you may have thought about Encinitas shutters, the costs and maintenance of exterior shutters can put you off. It’s time to look at the other alternative: interior ones. There are some major benefits to choosing interior shutters. Here are four reasons you need to get them.

They Offer Beauty and Add to Your Décor

Interior shutters in Encinitas come in a variety of styles and designs. There is something that works with all decors and rooms, whether you want a futuristic style or need a quaint, cottage home-like treatment.

The interior shutters will compliment any style. You can choose a different type for each room, too, adding more personality and a matching style. Exterior shutters need to match to create an overall look, which is one of the disadvantages.

You’ll Save Money on Energy Bills

There’s nothing worse than losing heat through your windows in the winter. While shades and curtains can help, shutters are far more effective for blocking the heating from escaping. You’ll be able to keep the costs of your heating to a minimum, as there’s no need to keep your heating on throughout the day.

This also works the other way. The shutters will block the heat of the sun’s rays coming through your home. They will help to keep your home cooler, so you don’t need to spend a fortune on the air conditioning.

Don’t worry about blocking the light from the home. Interior shutters have slats that you can move to allow the natural light to come in. Unlike curtains and blinds, you won’t find your home in darkness during the day, meaning you need to spend the extra money on electricity.

They Move With You

One of the touted advantages of exterior shutters in Encinitas is that they add value to your home. You pay extra for this benefit, but you lose your shutters when you move. They’re designed to be a permanent fixture. When you get your new home, you’ll need to look at window treatments again.

Interior Encinitas shutters aren’t permanent fixtures. While they don’t raise the value of your home, you don’t feel like you’ve missed out when you do move. You’ll be able to take them with you. The downside is making sure they fit your new windows. If you do decide you want to leave them fixed, you can increase the value of your home with them but it’s not a necessity.

They’re Easy Maintenance

Shutters look beautiful, but they take work to maintain. If you get exterior shutters, you will have to do a lot of work. They constantly take a hammering from the elements outside. Interior shutters don’t have this issue. They’re protected from the elements through the window. The only thing you’ll need to protect them from outside is the sun rot.

Maintaining the beauty of the shutters inside is much easier. You’ll need to clean the dirt and dust off daily, but that takes just a wipe with a duster or damp cloth. Every now and then you’ll want to clean the hinges thoroughly, but not as often as with exterior shutters in Encinitas.

There are certainly some major benefits to investing in interior Encinitas shutters. They are more expensive than curtains and blinds, but they offer far more benefits for your home.

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