4 Reasons Plantation Shutters in Carlsbad Are a Must

Looking for ideas for window coverings in your home? Carlsbad plantation shutters are a must to consider. They do more than just block light from entering your home. Exterior shutters are the best, but you can also consider interior plantation shutters in Carlsbad. Here’s why they are a must for any home.

They Add Value to Your Home

Sure plantation shutters are expensive, but there is some excellent news. They will actually add value to your home. When you come to sell, you can command a higher rate because of the window coverings. This is especially the case when it comes to the exterior options.

Shutters add more character to the home. They’re designed as permanent features, meaning buyers won’t have to worry about adding them to the property later. If you already have a plantation style house, then you will definitely want to add them if you don’t have them already!

If you want the true value, you will need to make sure you look after your plantation shutters in Carlsbad. They will need cleaning and repainting now and then.

They Protect the Windows

Exterior shutters help to protect your home and windows from the elements. High winds and torrential rain can lead to glass cracking, chipping, or smashing. The shutters are a barrier between the two. This means fewer repairs in the future.

Yes, the shutters will need some repair work afterwards, but this will be easier than repairing the full pane of glass. Most companies will be able to repair small slats of the shutters, rather than the whole set.

Of course, you need to use your shutters properly for this benefit. They can’t protect your windows if you don’t close them before the storm!

There’s an Extra Layer of Security

The Carlsbad plantation shutters won’t just protect the windows from breaking. They will protect your home from burglars. Again, this is more beneficial when you have exterior shutters, since they are more visible from a distance.

Potential thieves will see that your home has the exterior layer of protection. It’s another element that they need to break through to get into your home. There will be easier houses out there and they will choose them instead.

Plus, the shutters are good for blocking light from the outside. Thieves won’t know if you’ve gone to bed or if you’re still up, especially if you only use the TV light. They’re not going to risk the chance that you’ll catch them in the act.

They Create an Impression for the Home

First impressions count. This is part of the reason why Carlsbad plantation shutters add value to the home. You’re create a positive first impression, setting the scene for what to expect in the home. You add curb appeal to the home, making more people want the property. This helps to further drive the price up.

You’ll need to make sure the rest of the home follows suit with this style. If they expect a well-kept plantation style house only to find a poorly maintained mess inside, they value will drop.

Think carefully about your home and your window coverings. Plantation shutters in Carlsbad are more than worth the money. Now is the time to invest.

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