4 Design Ideas to Work with Your Mini Blinds in Vista

Vista mini blinds are excellent options for homes and commercial spaces. They are practical, affordable, and durable. Now you need to find ways to make them work with your design and décor. Here are four design ideas for your room to work with the mini blinds you buy.

Opt for Accented Wallpaper

Start by using wallpaper on a strip of wall or around the window. You can bring out a specific design or add an accent to your room. For example, if you have an enclosure by the window, you can use wallpaper shaped like a book case, brimmed with books. Your room looks like it has a reading corner—of course, then you might really want a reading corner!

Another option is to dress the whole wall around the window with accented wallpaper. Consider wallpaper with stone work to bring the rustic appeal that works well with faux wood mini blinds in Vista. You could also opt for wooden panels that will make your blinds look like they belong in a cabin.

Keep It All Simple

Instead of working on accents, why not keep the whole room simple. This is perfect for Vista mini blinds in commercial spaces or when you have a home office. Stick with a paint or wallpaper color that matches your blinds. This is where white painted blinds work the best, as you can make the whole room look bright and crisp in the white colors.

Natural colors also work well. If you have light brown faux wood blinds, consider a light brown paint color for the whole room.

Work your Lampshades

It’s time to make your lampshades work with your mini blinds in Vista. This is extremely easy to do, especially if you opt for metallic or fabric blinds. Work with the same color or pattern for the lampshades in the room—including the ceiling shade.

When working with metallic, opt for silvers or gold. Copper can be a good option, but you’ll need to make sure the copper remains fresh and clean at all times. A little bit of dust can make it look worn and bland.

Match Your Counter Tops

Mini blinds are popular for the kitchen. They’re durable for the humidity in the room, while also easy to clean should you get grease splatter or water over them. Make them work effortlessly in the kitchen by matching them with your counter tops. There are a few ways that you can do this.

If you have colored counter tops, match the blind colors to make that accented color stand out more. If you have different colored walls to make them stand out, work the blinds with them. You can also match the appliances in the room.

It’s time to make your Vista mini blinds stand out in your home. They’re durable and beautiful and can help to add more character to any room if you let them. With the above four design ideas, you’ll have hours of fun.

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