4 Considerations If Using Honeycomb Shades in Fallbrook for Your Nursery

Fallbrook honeycomb shades can be perfect for nurseries and children’s rooms. However, they not the perfect option. These aren’t the type of window coverings you can hang and then just leave. Here are four top considerations to make to ensure they’re the right option for your nursery.

Are You Willing to Perform Maintenance?

Like with any type of window treatments, honeycomb shades will collect dust. You’ll need to carry out cleaning and maintenance to help keep the dust particles away. Dust is an irritant and can lead to some problems for your children, especially for infants.

It’s not just about the outside of the shades. You’ll need to clean within the honeycombs, which can be time consuming. You may need a specialist tool. Are you willing to take the time to clean the blinds in full to protect your children?

Will They Offer a Blackout Effect?

Babies tend to need total blackout in the room. This is especially the case as they get older. Your honeycomb shades in Fallbrook will need to create complete darkness in rooms, especially in the summer. Kids will get up the minute they see the sun, which could mean 5am wakeup calls! You’ll also find it harder to get them to sleep on a night, since it can be light until 11pm!

Look out for shades that offer a blackout effect. This often means getting thicker blinds, which does mean higher costs. You’ll want to compare the costs of the honeycomb options to other types of shades and blinds available. Blackout roller blinds may be more cost-effective for the nursery.

Do They Create a Homely Atmosphere?

You want a room that your children enjoy being in. When it comes to nurseries, you want somewhere that you’re happy being; somewhere that makes you comfortable while you’re getting your newborn to sleep. Some of this comes from the style and coloring of the blinds.

One of the benefits of Fallbrook honeycomb shades is the different colors and designs they come in. They’re made of fabric, offering a wide variety of color choices. However you can also get many of these same options with other types of shades. Roller, roman, and even solar shades can offer similar colors and décor choices.

Are They Safe for Children?

One of the most important aspects of nursery window treatments is the safety. Corded blinds are extremely dangerous, especially as your children get older. They have led to suffocation deaths, so you’ll want to make sure your blinds are safe the moment they’re installed.

Look out for cordless honeycomb blinds in Fallbrook. There are a few options, whether you want manual or motorized blinds. Find out how they fasten in place to avoid snap and pulley problems at later stages.

Take steps to think about the types of window treatments you put in a nursery. Fallbrook honeycomb shades are beautiful and often work with a variety of styles, but you need to make sure they’re suitable. Are they safe and are you willing to do the required maintenance to keep the room allergen-free for your newborn?

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