3 Ways to Personalize Your Blinds in Cardiff

Whatever room you’re adding Cardiff blinds to in your home, you’ll want them to be personal and suit the room. At the same time, you want to create a uniform look to the outside. You can do that by personalizing your blinds with these top three tips. Some of these you can even do yourself.

Get Customized Blinds in Your Pattern or for Your Favorite Character

Start by looking at getting customized blinds for the individual rooms. You can have these created specifically to your needs. For example, all the blinds can have the same material for the outside view to create a uniform look but then you have a color, pattern, or style of choice for the inside.

The exact way these blinds in Cardiff are created will depend on the type of blind you choose. Some will be more affordable than others due to the easy of the creations and the material available. This is definitely something to consider saving up for in the future.

Add Little Details Yourself

You can get a set of white or other neutral/plain colored blinds for the room and then add your own details. The way you add these details will depend on style of blind. For example, if you have a roller blind, you’ll need to consider the way the blind rolls up and what happens to the details. Could you use Velcro or something similar to be able to remove the details?

Add rosettes, pieces of lace, bits of ribbon, and more to create a more personalized look on your blinds. This is something you can do yourself, which will help to keep the costs down for your personalized Cardiff blinds.

If you can’t add them to the actual blind, what about the cords? You can turn a bland cord into something beautiful and effective to use. Decorate with ties and bows or even hand your favorite superheroes along the cords.

Decorate Over the Top

You could always leave the blinds alone. Personalize by adding decoration to the top of your window treatments. This is especially practical for stacking blinds. Add a runner along the top to help hide the top of the blind when it’s open. You’ll bring more of the focus on the window.

You’ll want to consider the way the runner sits when the Cardiff blinds are closed. They can add beautiful texture to your window treatments, but can also clash and make them stand out for the wrong reasons. Work with similar colors in different shades or opt for complimentary colors. Working with one of the colors remaining neutral would help to bring focus on the other decorative element. You can also bring your own style to the treatments with this option.

It’s time to consider personalizing your blinds in Cardiff. This is one of the easiest things to do, whether you have the money to get custom blinds or you want to redecorate and repurpose your current blinds in individuals bedrooms.

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