Why You Need Electric Honeycomb Shades in Nampa

Nampa honeycomb shades are beautiful and beneficial options for the home. They offer a range of heating, lighting, and privacy benefits. Electric honeycomb shades are among the most beneficial, especially if you get battery power window coverings. Here’s why you need to consider them for your home.

They’re Easy to Use

There’s no need to get up and down to deal with the opening and closing of your shades. With just a push of the button, you can open and close when you need to, giving you more control over the light that comes into your home. You’ll also get more privacy, without having to worry about the room of the house you’re in.

Many of the electric honeycomb shades in Nampa can be connected via an app on the phone or tablet. This gives you control when you’re not close to the home, giving you far more privacy when you’re out.

Cut the Cord Completely

Honeycomb and cellular shades are among the most beneficial when you want something safe for the whole family. Most come with a frame in the window, allowing you to go completely cordless. Electric shades offer the same benefit. Everything is installed within the window frame and often controlled by batteries or a wireless system.

There’s also no need to worry about cords running through your walls to an electricity supply. You cut that type of cord, making the blinds easier and cheaper to install.

Cheaper to Run in the Home

Let’s not forget about the financial benefits. One of those with wireless Nampa honeycomb shades is that they don’t connect to your electricity supply. Unlike your lights, you’re not running through the main system and you just need to change the batteries. This happens once every five years with regular use, so you’re going to save money in the long term.

You also benefit financially when it comes to your heating bills. It’s easy to use the shapes throughout the day to keep the heat locked in the room. Like non-electric honeycomb shades, these fit within the window frame to reduce the amount of space for heating to escape (or come into the room in the summer). Use of the HVAC system is kept to a minimum, keeping your bills down.

They Reduce UV Damage

Finally, it’s all about the UV damage in the home. The honeycomb shades in Nampa will block the rays coming into the room, reducing the damage that happens to your furniture or your walls. While this is a benefit of other window coverings, the honeycomb shades are made of a material that reflects the rays. They don’t suffer as much damage as other types of window treatments.

It’s time to consider electric Nampa honeycomb shades in your home. They are beautiful additions and will offer a range of benefits, including lighting, cost, and privacy. You’ll also get them in a range of colors and styles, so they match your décor effortlessly.

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